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Apr 18, 2014 01:54 PM

Mitsuwa Costa Mesa - Santouka and new ice cream place

The ramen and special pork was great as usual. I have heard some complaints of decline in quality but I did not notice on my visit for lunch today.

On more exciting front there is a new soft serve ice cream place in the food court. They have three flavors - match tea, black sesame and hoji-tea. Small is $3.00 and large is $4.50 for either cup or cone. The small cone is wafer cone while the large is a waffle cone.

The black sesame was fantastic. Great texture. It tasted like chocolate and peanut butter depending on the lick. The ending definitely had a pronounced sesame flavor. Not too sweet. I would recommend the black sesame.

The hoji-tea reminded me of coffee. I tasted some tea notes but not very pronounced. It was ok but definitely prefer the black sesame.

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  1. The ice cream place sounds similar to the one at the West LA Mitsuwa location. Don't know if they serve hoji cha, though.

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      Agree. Sounds like Yamada-ya.