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Apr 18, 2014 12:30 PM

Quick Sweet-tooth fix in Nashville

Visiting from T.O. in May and looking for must-try sweets, including donuts, cupcakes, chocolate, waffles, southern-specific stuff....where you can grab and go without sitting through a meal.

Have regular meals planned at Husk and Rolf & Daughters and will fit in Hattie B's, Arnold's Kitchen, Rotier's, Pancake Pantry, Germantown and Peg Leg Porker where we can.

I've read the Nashville Lifestyle listings as well and wondering if some things on their list are a must (under Nashville's Most Irresistible Chocolate Chip Cookies article)

But have to find some sugar for the afternoons.

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    1. I would personally avoid Gigi's at all costs. Too much frosting compared to cake. Complete sugary mess.

      The dulce de leche cupcakes, and brownies at Dulce are a must try.
      I also recommend any of the cupcakes, cookies, or sandwiches at the Sweet Stash in the Farmers Market.

      If you're lucky enough to try one, the danish at Sweet 16 is heavenly. Crema (coffee shop) carries it occasionally. I would also encourage you to stop in for a cup of coffee and a chocolate chip cookie from Dozen Bakery.

      Becker's is now closed, but will soon be replaced with another outpost of the Cupcake Collection. I really love their sweet potato cupcakes.

      You should also look into the sweet treats/baked cooks at Coffee & Lunch on 10th ave across from Cummins Station.

      My favorite cookie is the Khalil cookie at Fido. Not sure what the ingredients are tbh.

      1. The Cupcake Collection has the best cupcakes ever. They are closed on Saturdays though. I second avoiding Gigi's-3 inches of gross icing and no flavor. I hear good things about Sweet 16 and there is a new place in Germantown called flour.sugar.eggs that looks promising. Definitely go to the Donut Den. Fresh made donuts starting VERY early in the morning. The apple fritters are so good! Puffy Muffin is more of a breakfast/lunch place and I'm not crazy about it. OK, but nothing special. If you are going to Franklin, Merridee's is well liked and Iveycakes is good for cupcakes.