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Apr 18, 2014 11:53 AM

Best Ramen in Sacramento?

Traveling to Sacramento soon. Used to live in LA - it's been ten years since I've had great ramen. Any suggestions? Looks like there's ryujin and shoki, but I'd love some advice. Looking for classic ramen - inexpensive, with lots of soba or udon. Thoughts? Where should I go?

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  1. I've enjoyed my visits to Shoki II. I have tried the tsukemen (just OK) and the shio ramen. You can customize your bowl in numerous ways, which is good and bad. Good because it's fun to build-a-bowl, bad because the price can rise quickly. Their egg (an add on) was perfectly soft cooked...definitely recommended! The shio broth was light but flavorful. Shoyu, soy, and spicy tan-tan mien broth options, but no pork. Different noodle options as well: standard, thick, whole wheat, and yam.

    Let me know if you try either spot. I'd be curious to try Ryujin myself.

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      Nice! I'll give it a shot - maybe try both Shoki and Ryunjin and compare and contrast! Thanks!

    2. I've been to both Shoki/Shoki II, and Ryujin. They are different.

      Shoki/Shoki II (the food is essentially identical between locations, though the original is even cozier) is in my opinion slightly more tasty. However, like another poster mentioned, the add-ons are what make it delicious, and these add-ons quickly add up. I went there once and paid $19 after tax and tip for myself, and I didn't buy a drink. I was full, but annoyed.

      I go to Ryujin now on a regular basis. They have a large selection, prices are better, more seating, and taste is 95% as good. I like to get Tsukemen, but everything there is pretty good.

      Shoki II is still a cut above, though, if you are just visiting and want the best Sac has to offer.

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        Thanks! I've been looking at the menus - Shoki sounds amazing, but I'm traveling on the cheap, so I think I'll hit up Ryujin. Pretty psyched to get any ramen after 10 years in New England without any!