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Apr 18, 2014 10:25 AM

Best pizza in Buffalo

This question hasn't been addressed in a few years. Where do you suggest we get our pizza fix when we go to Buffalo next week? In my day, (50 years ago), Bocce Pizza was the best, but I am not sure that it still is.

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  1. Personally, I always love Pizza Plant. It's American style, not thin crust, nor deep dish. But it's phenomenal.

    1. Milanos on englewood is very good. By far my favorite white pizza ever

      1. My favorite "neighborhood pizza" is La Portas in Williamsville (Klein & Hopkins, in the Dash Plaza). They do an excellent white and many other varieties. It is a good place to pick up some wings, boneless or otherwise, and a salad too.

        1. And of course La Nova gets the most press because Jay Leno flies in to go there (much as Obama stopped at Duff's near the airport for wings). That contributes to its being among the most expensive pizzas in the area, though not necessarily the absolute best (I do like it, especially their mushroom pizza with sesame crust).

          1. Buffalo Spree magazine had a contest a few years ago, and Romeo & Juliet's beat out all the big guys. I agree - it's my favorite - but this is a fairly thin crust, which is not the usual choice in Buffalo. Eye of the beholder.

            This is the only pizza where I peel off a piece of naked crust as my first bite - the crust is that good. But the downside of thin crust is that it does not travel well - we learned the hard way, eat-in only.