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Apr 18, 2014 10:07 AM

Good quality, humanly raised, not full of crap deli meat..?

So, I am starting my search for decent deli meat. I am wondering what my options are.
I already buy my meat from a small wisconsin organic meat farm.

Now, I need deli meat. I currently buy Applegate but it is a small selection and I would like to see if better options are available. Plus I am not sure of their farming practice.

Do you know of any local source for deli meat that offer humanly raised (free-range chicken, grass fed pastured beef), that don't contain tons of crap in it, in the Evanston/Chicago area?

Looking for turkey which i eat daily, but also other product such as salami, saucisson, mortadella, chorizo, roast beef, prosciutto , smoked sausages,etc..


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  1. The deli meats at Romanian Kosher Sausage are excellent- I do not know for sure the condition of the farms where the meat comes form but being kosher there are additional requirements about teh condition of the animals and no additiives being added -

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      Ditto that. Definitely no assurance of humanely raised, but their turkey is recognizable as turkey (no processed "breast"), ditto roast beef, pastrami and corned beef.

      1. re: ferret

        Thanks guys, yes I am able to find really good tasting meat.. But it is pretty much all coming from factory farms, and using a whole bunch of chemicals i do not want to eat along with my deli meat.

        i just can't compromise on that just because of the taste.. which uscks because romanian is like 5 blocks away fromme, it just does not feel right. Boy, do I miss my local french butcher in times like this!

        Soon enough, I am going to have to make my own ham.. I wonder if one could cook ham, slice it and freeze for sandwiches..

    2. Try West Loop Salumi. They're pretty pricey though.

      1. Amish Healthy Foods has some pre-packaged sliced lunch meats in their walk-in cooler. Not sure by memory if they meet all your specifications, but might be worth an in-store check. I like buying duck eggs, various frozen meats, and flours there.
        1025 N Western Ave., Chicago

        1. Perhaps check out Publican Quality Meats?

          1. Don't live in Chicago but I did just make the switch from Applegate to buying lunch meat from the butcher. Negligibly cheaper but it makes Applegate look like Kraft.
            I wish you luck in finding some good meat. Once you find something you like you'll never go back to Applegate.