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Apr 18, 2014 09:25 AM

Indian in Montreal 2014

Who has kept up with the indian cuisine scene, to give their top choices? The last thread is old and long, thought it was time to start a new one. Curious to know if opinions have stayed the same since then, or new favourites have come into play.

Old post:

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  1. I like Bombay Choupathi on Sources near Pierrefonds Boulevard.

    Also the Indian for supper (lunch is buffet; haven't tried yet) Triple B at 4225 Notre Dame in St.Henri. Ignore the decor, the food iis excellent and great service.

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    1. Thanjai in the CDN area is a great choice. Authentic, family-run, south-Indian (so not the typical food you find elsewhere). Pictured here: Lassi (Salt), Potato Bonda, Sambar Vada, Butter Chicken & Shrimp Biryani.

      1. Pakistani but it's very similar - can't go wrong with Halal 786

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          Yes, there is a big overlap. Idem West Bengal and Bangladeshi.

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            There's a big overlap, because Pakistani use to be part of India.

          1. I also second Saveur de l'Inde aka (Flavours of India) in the old Moti Mehal location. Might I even dare say that I like this reincarnation more than the old? And if you can believe it, it is now even cheaper and still BYO. This has replaced my usual JT haunts.

            Also second and third and fourth Thanjai!!!