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Apr 18, 2014 08:43 AM

You Tiao and soy milk breakfast in HK

Anyone have a suggested location where I can get a soy milk and you tiao breakfast in HK? I guess this is not a traditional HK breakfast. I know many congee places have you tiao but not soymilk. Many places have soymilk but not you tiao. So far the only places I have found is "Sea View Congee Shop"

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  1. You are better off finding a Shanghainese restaurant, better chances that way.

    There is a place where I had savory soymilk and cruller (well fan tuan/glutinous rice savory roll) where it was quite tasty (Causeway Bay, longtimer Shanghainese place, Jardine's Bazzar area...but I probably wouldn't recommend it due to supposed hygiene issues (not in the dining area but elsewhere).

    If you want this stuff late night, like 6 pm to 2:30 am

    in Kwun Tong. And you can get tofu custard too.

    1. Have you tried the legendary Sang Kee Congee Shop ?

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        the op isn't looking for that, he's looking for you tiao and soy bean milk which is traditional breakfast in places like shanghai and taiwan, you get it with salty soy bean milk or sweet bean milk and you dip the you tiao in it. it's not traditional breakfast in HK and its not common at all

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          永和大王 hasn't opened up yet in HK?

          1. re: BuildingMyBento

            was it supposed to? im not sure how well that would do, its not something HK people are used to eating (might do fine, but might not as well)

            quick search of openrice doesnt not pull anything up

      2. There is that Shanghainese restaurant on Jardine's Bazzar. Food quality is only so so though. For a good version, especially savoury soymilk, the best I have been able to find is Mei Wah in Tau Kwa Wan.