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Apr 18, 2014 08:21 AM

French Meadow Bakery St. Paul

I'm a little confused about this place. I thought because they are called a bakery that they would bake and sell bread. I was told they do not. However, their logo shows a baker putting bread into an oven. Is it just the Grand Avenue location that doesn't sell bread?

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  1. That's odd. The Minneapolis location has a big bakery on premises, and they sell their bread there (along with cakes, cookies, etc.).

    1. it is not a meadow either although I was glad to learn that the "burn unit" on west seventh was actually a coffee shop... not a very good one though.

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        Their not a meadow not a bakery are they even French?

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            There also aren't any saints in St. Paul, and I'll bet nobody there is even named Paul!