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Apr 18, 2014 07:29 AM

Traditional Bolivian Food??

I've been reading past posts and none of the restaurants that were recommended almost a decade ago are still open. Are there any traditional Bolivian restaurants still open in the city? Any borough is fine. I'm willing to trek the way. Please, no Peruvian take on Bolivian food.

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  1. Yes you are in luck my friend. Cumbre Restaurante, 67th street and Woodside Avenue in Queens. Traditional live music Sunday nights as well. I can personally vouch for the food. Enjoy

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      I go past Cumbre all the time. They usually have about a dozen specials listed on a blackboard in addition to their regular menu. While I know Peruvian and Ecuadorian food, I'm not familiar with Bolivian at all. What have you tried there that was good? Equally important, what should I avoid?

    2. I posted on Mi Bolivia last year. It was damn good--> . I hope they are still open...

      1. Yes, Mi Bolivia is still open and going strong. The saltenas are excellent -- and saltenas used to be hard to find in the NYC area.

        I haven't tried Cumbre -- but I guess I need to.