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Apr 18, 2014 07:12 AM

Saturday breakfast around queen/Bathurst?

Any good ideas of places open at 9 am? Willing to go a few blocks south and west.

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  1. Sud forno and nadege are great options.

    1. If you want a greasy spoon, bacon 'n' eggs kind of breakfast, there's UFO on Niagara and Adelaide. I usually get their homeburger deluxe that they'll make even at 9am. If you don't mind the idea of eating inside a convenience store, then this is a modest, hidden gem.

      1. Bar Buca

        And, I second Sud Forno and Nadege!

        1. Le Gourmand makes a nice brunch as well, although it's at Queen and Spadina.

          1. Destingo is supposed to make a nice brunch as well.


            Beast might be another option for you.