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Apr 18, 2014 06:28 AM

Spring or David Toutain? Or not at all?

We have one night in Paris on May 21st. I had shot off emails to Spring and David Toutain without the hopes of getting in (this was before I got responses to an earlier thread I posted), but it turns out I can secure a reservation at both. Parnassien gave me amazing advice on more Parisian establishments so I am now torn. Pick one over the other, or not at all? We will also be catching breakfast and lunch the next day in a more casual way. And of course, I will cancel whichever we decide not to go to as soon as possible.

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        1. re: Ptipois

          David for lunch, Daniel for dinner.

      1. I haven't been to David Toutain, but my wife and I had a lovely, lovely dinner at Spring. Prix fixe for 2 + wine pairings with every course was about 285 Euros. It was a bargain.

        1. I had a less than positive experience at Spring over the Christmas holidays. Part of it was the clientele - we sat next to the "ugliest" Americans ever. We were embarrassed to be Americans and fully understood why we sometimes get the reputation that we do when traveling abroad thanks to these two clowns. We sat in this alcove downstairs next to them so we couldn't help but be part of their conversation. Made it really difficult to enjoy the meal.
          As for the meal itself, it was good but didn't blow my mind because none of the dishes stand out to me now. I know that it's been a few months, but I still recall my favorite dishes at Le Bernardin and Jean-Georges in NYC on that same trip. It was very competently prepared but nothing extraordinary. Not a place that I need to repeat, unlike a place like Yamt'Cha which I will be returning to next week.
          Perhaps, it was an off night or those idiots next to us cracking off-colored jokes throughout dinner just spoiled the experience and restaurant for us.