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dinner near joyce theatre (8th ave and 19th)

Looking for a dinner recommendation for this Sunday within comfortable walking distance of the theatre. Two couples looking to catch up after show, so not too loud so we can enjoy our conversation. Open to any type of food as long as it is yummy and a little special. Vegetarian friendly is a plus. Kitchen more important than bar. Thinking about $60 per person.


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  1. This Sunday (Easter)?

    What time, an early dinner after a matinee or a late dinner after a night time show?

    Is that $60pp before tax, tip, any alcohol?

    I would definitely look at Scarpetta. Maybe Colicchio & Sons.

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      Sorry for the lack of info. We will be looking for a 9 or 9:30 reservation. $60pp including one drink, excluding tax/tip.

    2. At what time? Are you attending a matinee and looking for an early dinner afterward? Or are you attending an evening performance and looking for a late dinner? Also, as kathryn pointed out, it is Easter Sunday so better restaurants may be booked and/or have a price fix menu.

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        Sorry for the lack of info. We will be looking for a 9 or 9:30 reservation. $60pp including one drink, excluding tax/tip.

        Good point about Easter price fixed menus. I guess we could hop in a cab for the right place if you have a suggestion outside of the immediate area.

      2. your in my neighborhood - i would rec el cid right across the street. good for tapas and wine. another nearby favorite for relaxing and catching up is pierre loti. they often have a little jazz combo playing. the food is good at both if not really memorable, but i think the option for small bites vs a big dinner setting and the atmosphere fits your need well. if you want similar but a bit fancier food dell anima is another option just a short walk down 8th ave in the west village.

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          Sorry to disagree, but I hated El Cid. However, Le Zie (Venetian) nearby on 7th av has excellent quality to price and friendly service; try to get the backroom which has nicer ambiance.

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            Also a big fan of Le Zee. One avenue over in the other direction (i.e., 9th Avenue instead of 7th Avenue) is Omai for terrific Vietnamese food in a very nice setting.

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              Have not been to Le Zie in ages, good to know it's still chow worthy. It can get lively but hopefully not at 9:30 pm on Easter Sunday (you might want to check their hours).



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                We went to Le Zie a few times back when it first opened and really liked it. The last time I can remember going, which at this point was a few years ago, all I can remember was thinking how dirty the place looked. Because of this, we have not been back. Can anyone tell me that this was just an off night or that they have cleaned up the place since we have been there last? I'd really like to go back.

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                  I've been many, many times and have never noticed it looking dirty.

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                    That's good to know. Like I said previously, I have not been to Le Zie for a couple of years now. All I can remember of the last time we went is the floor being so dirty I wanted to take a mop to it and the fixtures having layers of dust on them. This is one of the reasons I have not been back.

            2. Montmartre

              Right across the street

              1. I'd probably go to Legend, but it'll cost a lot less than $60/person.

                1. Thank you for all the suggestions. We ended up at Le Zie which might have been a mistake.

                  It was a quiet night, so Le Zie was the perfect spot for conversation. Had the restaurant been fuller, we definitely would have felt cramped. Decor seemed a bit outdated and uninspired, but not dirty as another reviewer mentioned.

                  The table had mixed reviews for the food. Salads were good, but a little small. Plus they were served on enormous plates, inundating our little table. The house wine was enjoyable. We all had pasta dishes for our entree, with the hand rolled pici being the most favored. Dessert was solid. If we had the same exact meal in another restaurant I am sure we would have better things to say about it.

                  The service flat out sucked. The host had no energy or warmth. Our waiter seemed hazy and drugged whenever he had to interact with us, and then later he was hulking over our table grabbing plates and dropping silverware.

                  There were only a few other parties in the restaurant, so I suppose the staff was not making an effort to make us feel welcome because there wasn't enough crowd to be worth their while.

                  Overall I don't think this place is anything special, and we felt let down when it came time to pay the bill. Won't be returning.

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                  1. re: eveyinorbit

                    Thanks for reporting back.
                    Everything you describe sounds exactly like our last experience there, which is another reason we have not been back in years. How can restaurants continue to stay open when they provide service like this? Of course it was Easter Sunday evening and maybe the staff was just tired/ not happy to be working?
                    On another note, I hope you all enjoyed catching up with one another and enjoyed the show.

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                      I was very underwhelmed when I went there some time ago, but I've stopped posting about that because (a) it was a few years ago and (b) the fans of the place post all the time, and I don't feel like arguing with them. Sorry you had a bad experience.

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                        "I've stopped posting about that because (a) it was a few years ago and (b) the fans of the place post all the time, and I don't feel like arguing with them. Sorry you had a bad experience."

                        Same here.

                    2. Thanks for reporting back, eveyinorbit.

                      1. Share Cichetti at Le Zie, then get a special.

                        I like Rocking Horse for Mexican, though I know it's not authentic.