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Apr 17, 2014 09:53 PM

Sodastream Updates 4/14-- still using it? Just dusting it? Don't remember where it is?

The Sodastream tap water-to-carbonated water machine [and a few other brands] were pretty hot kitchen appliances in 2012.
Who is still using one?
Any ups or downs of long term usage?
Any other uses that are Chow-worthy?

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  1. I don't have one, but have a few friends who got theirs 1-2 years ago. Only one of them uses the Sodastream with regularity. He was a soda addict, and loves the machine because he's completely weaned off of artificially sweetened drinks. Now, everything is done with real fruit juice + carbonated water. He does use it daily.

    1. Hi Kris -

      We do. Daily.
      None that we know of.
      Cleaning up spots in the Persian carpets with soda water after visitors come by.

      1. I still have one. I go through about a litre of water a day, for two years or so, and it's still working fine. I bought a second one for my office.

        I mainly use it for the soda water - I live in a hot climate, want to limit my consumption of high calorie drinks, and don't like artificial sweeteners. Sometimes I'll add a dash of angotsura bitters, or some cinnamon for variety, or I'll add the juice of a lime (unsweetened) for a refreshing summer drink. It's also lovely with umeshu (Japanese plum liqueur).

        1. We use our's pretty much daily. We switched from the first one we got that used the plastic bottles to the model that uses glass bottles (which are dishwasher safe) and kept right on going with it. It's almost always just for seltzer, but we also get Monin syrups for the occasional soda type application. They make a cola syrup that's quite good and my wife likes their ginger syrup a lot.

          1. I've been a Sodastream owner since before you could purchase them in stores. Only directly from Sodastream online. We use ours every day and have never had a problem with it. The main use is for seltzer and a few diet sodas. Great product.