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Apr 17, 2014 08:59 PM

What is your favorite store bought cookie ?

My favorite has to be the LU brand Petit Ecolier. I am enjoying the 70% cacao at the moment and also like the milk chocolate. And yours ? This box is history.

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    1. Pepperidge Farms Mint Milanos. I don't dare buy them because I'd eat the entire bag in about 5 minutes.

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      1. re: ricepad

        Me too.
        I have a friend who buys them and I drop by for a cuppa and she always gives me some.

      2. I just bought a box of the Petit Ecoliers. Like you, I'm enjoying the 70% more now as an adult; as a kid I loved the milk chocolate. I find now that it's too rich.

        I also love Pepperidge Farm Chessmen and Brussels.

        Also a Belgian (I believe?) cookie, thin like a wafer, rectangular, with sliced almonds in it. It's a buttery brown sugar type cookie. Addictive as hell and perfect with espresso.

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        1. re: nothingswrong

          I find those milk chocolate Petit Ecolier cookies extremely dangerous for one reason - you can nestle 8 mini-marshmallows inside the chocolate tile, briefly microwave, and have the most perfect adult S'more.

          1. re: mcsheridan

            I can't believe this has never occurred to me. I'm going to try this soon, thanks!

            1. re: mcsheridan

              you're evil to even suggest-cuse me Foodland is right next door

              1. re: iL Divo

                I am *nothing* if not evil. Muhahaha!

              2. re: nothingswrong

                we must be twins! i agree with you on your choices. shortbread i prefer walker's but had chessmen tonight.

                the last cookie is like the windmill/speuloos/biscoff kind of flavor. you mean the jules destrooper almond thins. addictive indeed - esp. dunked in good stong coffee or in milk.

                i also love nutter butter peanut butter cookies.

                1. re: alkapal

                  Yes, Destrooper! I went and looked at the box after posting but forgot to update the name. They are SO good, definitely one of my favorite cookies.

                  Nutter Butters were a favorite when I was younger. I recently picked up a package of the mini ones from the liquor store for a snack and they are one of the only treats from childhood that still taste 100% the same to my adult taste buds. Really tasty.

                2. Pims...reminds me of Jaffa cakes

                  1. Tate's Bake Shops's Chocolate Chip Cookies - thin, crunchy, buttery.

                    Stop & Shop' store brand Simply Gourmet, sells the exact same cookie. Must be made by same bakery. Similar price, though.

                    Both brands occasionally go on sale; best time to buy more than one bag. :)

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                    1. re: mcsheridan

                      +1 for Tate's. There's nothing like them.