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Apr 17, 2014 07:01 PM

Outdoor lunch restaurant in Lexington, Ky

I will be in Lexington next week and plan to take my mother and sister out to lunch. The weather is supposed to be terrific. Well, I'm coming from Milwaukee so it will be at least better!

I would really like to eat outside on a patio with upscale food, meaning not bar food. Food is important to me, but I'd be fine with just a creative salad. I prefer lighter food as opposed to heavy as the winter has been long and hard on my ever bulging body!

Budget is not an issue. A nice wine list is a plus.

We plan to sit and talk and have a leisurely lunch. Regattas by Fayette Mall would be perfect, but alas it is closed.

I would appreciate any ideas! Thanks in advance

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  1. Ragatta was receiving some terrible reviews before it closed. Palmer's has opened in its space.

    Also check out Grey Goose on Jefferson. Food isn't outstanding but it's good and the patio is very nice.

    1. Dudley's with that awesome Jon Carloftis rooftop designed garden!
      Or Azur

      1. County Club does very creative food, with a focus on smoked meats. The outdoor seating area is very nice. I would recommend you check their Facebook page to get an idea of what kind of cuisine they are producing.

        1. As luck would have it, it was pouring rain on the day of the lunch!

          We did end up at Palmers and loved it. The space was inviting. I especially liked the curtains that separated the bar (and tbs) from the main dining room.

          Most of the foods were fried, which is not my preference, but I did find everything to be fresh, well-plated, and tasty. I was impressed that they use local foods. The chocolate brownie was outstanding.

          I will be returning to Lexington in June, so I can try the other suggestions.