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Apr 17, 2014 06:45 PM

St. Martin and area

We are chartering out of St. Martin at the end of May. We need ideas for provisioning, wines & spirits, and eating in the area, including the surrounding islands.

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  1. Look at the bakeries in Marigot. Sarafina's(?) and on Wednesday's there a small local fresh market. As I recall there are a couple of decent wine/cheese shops down near the harbor there too. Also Le Sucriere in Simpson's Bay has good breads and pastries. To the extent that you can take on already cooked provisions, a short trip up to Grand Case and a visit to the lolos would make for some good eating. Le Grand Marche has several stores around the island, Cole Bay and Phillipsburg and maybe Simpsons Bay. It's a pretty good "one stop" shopping place. I think the Cole Bay store has slightly different selections than the Phillipsburg store.

    1. Oh. Forgot about seafood. There's a fresh fish market in Simpson's Bay near the drawbridge and police station. Also, I have heard that Skipjack's restaurant in Simpsons Bay will sell fresh fish. You can also try the local docks in Simpson Bay as many charter fishing vessels go out of here.

      1. Are you doing a bareboat charter? If so, I would recommend going light on provisioning and plan on eating most dinners off the boat. There are many markets on St Martin. But I've usually ordered basic provisions through Moorings or Sunsail just to make it easy. Water/coffee/breakfast stuff/fruit and such. Go ahead and have them provision liquor too. If you are into wine, then you should go to the shops and pick them out yourself as the provisioning list are not great with wine. If you have time to provision yourself, there is the Simply market in Hope Estate on the french side and the Grand Marche in Philipsburg on the dutch side which are the closest to Oyster Pond. They have everything you need.

        If you are leaving from Oyster Pond, there is a great place called Quaye Ouest at the far end of the docks. French caribbean food. Skip Captain Oliver's.

        On St Martin, the anchorage with the best dining is Grand Case. Lots of places to eat there from the bargain end of lolos to much higher end like Le Pressoir.

        Marigot has some good places. Sarafina's which has been mentioned is a great bakery. You can have a cafe creme with a croissant and watch the world go slowly by there. Orient Bay has two anchorages, The one by Pinel is good if you want to go to the resto on the island there or cookout on the hook.

        I have not spent as much time on Anguilla but a stop at Sandy Island on the way to Road Bay is worthwhile.

        Spend much more time on St Barts. If you anchor outside of Gustavia, there are many many choices.

        There's the old standby Le Select where you can get a cheeseburger in paradise at the same spot Jimmy BUffet does. For something fancier I like Wall House. Baz Bar is good for drinks. L'isola if you want to spend a lot on a great Italian meal. Saigon has surprisingly good vietnamese food. Le Creperie is good for a cheap lunch. Hike over to Shell Beach and go to Do Brazil, Hopefully given you a few things to look at. There's also a fabulous wine shop on the island by the commercial port.

        Don't know how far you are planning to go, but I think the food on St Martin and St Barts is much better than anything else in the area. St Kitts has a few decent places but none nearly as good.

        1. If you are stopping in Anguilla do not miss dining at several of their upscale restaurants like Veya, Blanchards, Mangos and Dolce Vita.
          BestBuy is the place to go for your provisionals.