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Apr 17, 2014 06:09 PM

Manhattan Best Bites, $3 and under

I constantly hear from out-of-town visitors that Manhattan is an expensive place to eat. My reply is always "if you know where to go, nyc is packed with great food bargains".

What are your top $3 and under best bites? Here are some sample criteria for inclusion:
- delicious
- made by restaurant/truck/etc.
- atomic (not part of a larger meal)

let me get it started:
- vanessa dumpling house, peking duck sesame bread, $3
- prosperity dumpling, $1
- street vendor, hot tea cakes (those little, hot, waffle-like cakes) $1
- mei li wah - pork bun, 80 cents
- ess-a-bagel - bagel and cream cheese, $2.95
- joe's pizza, plain slice $2.75
- Ceci-Cela , plain croissant, $2
- shake shack, hand cut fries, $2.85

- honorable mention:
xian famous food, pork or lamb burger, $3.50

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  1. Whatever is in the discounted section at Woorjip.

    1. As someone on a tight budget, I think I'm going to like this thread. I also anticipate lots of Chinatown tips.

      Golden Steamer: salted egg yolk bun $.90
      Sun Sai Kai: baked pork bun $1.10
      Wah Fung: roast pork over rice $3.00
      Royal Pizza: sicilian slice $2.50

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      1. re: Humbucker

        salted egg! roast pork over rice! Hey, you might know where to grab simple bak choy over rice? Wish there were carts that served simple pairings.

      2. dollar samosas on houston. i think the price got upped 25 or 50 cents. mmm, that's still in my budget.

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        1. re: Bologna

          I assume you mean Punjabi? (114 East 1st Street)

          1. re: loratliff

            yes, i think that's the one. I caught wind of it from a short story I was reading in Paris Review. It was (not direct quote)" the samosa place on Houston where all the taxi drivers went to" and that was enough info for me to find it.

        2. los tacos No. 1, chelsea market, $3
          doughnut plant, $3
          gray's papaya, hot dog, $1.50
          mamoun's falafel
          ten ren bubble tea, $3
          kossar bialy, $2

          1. Doubles from the Trini Paki Boys cart. $2 (I think). Definitely get with tamarind and hot sauce.