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Apr 17, 2014 05:32 PM

One night in Santa barbara

Stopping over in sb on our way down to LA - have time for dinner, breakfast, and lunch

Dinner - hungry cat? Sb shellfish? The lark?

Breakfast - renauds?

Lunch - Scarlett begonia?

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  1. Stop by the newly opened Santa Barbara Public Market in the same area and graze a bit too.

    You have some good picks. Hope your appetite holds up to match their offerings. (!). I stopped going to Hungry Cat so it will be good to get your updated report.

    1. I would recommend eating at The Lark for dinner. It is located in the heart of the action, the "Funk Zone". The craft cocktails and fresh seasonal cuisine make this place a must when visiting Santa Barbara.

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      1. re: Clarence805

        Just down that way in the Funk Zone in the middle of the day when things are really dead so be sure to hit the Funk Zone in the evening hours.

        Tried the Lucky Penny for lunch which is the daytime companion to The Lark - won't be back nor did the Lark menu look appealing enough to try either.

        But agree, this is the new happening place so give it a try. It is a new center of creativity and enterprise in this town and deserves exploration. A couple of other places are of intrigue down there too - see if you can get the Walking Tour booklet because venues are a bit scattered around a former industrial area.

      2. We had a very good dinner at Hungry Cat a few months ago. I like their shellfish with Asian/Indian influences. If you go to new SB Public Market try the Empty Bowl Gourmet Noodle place. Very good. The Lark is a nice spot because you can combine with some wine tasting places in the funk zone. Les Marchand is next door to Lark and a very nice room. Our favorite restaurant in SB these days is Sama Sama Kitchen on State st. They are remodeling the interior but should be reopening by the end of the month. Other good spots are Julienne and Arigato sushi.

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        1. re: macdog

          My first very early review of SamaSama chided them about their spartan setting saying their food deserved a far better showcase. With all the lush Indonesian arts and crafts for possible inspiration, it will be interesting to see which way their new decor goes.

          Theirs is a classic local success story. Start small, deliver the goods and build loyalty and value. Not quite the formula used across the street at the now defunct Maggie's, was it? Start large and fail to win over anyone. Crash.

          Worst legacy of Maggie's (former State and A corner) was building that gloomy patio overhead which is now apparently too expensive to remove, permanentlylosing one of the best outdoor patio dining scenes on State Street.