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Apr 17, 2014 04:34 PM

Tiny Taco Place in Montreal West

Although it's a tiny, tiny hole-in-the wall, I think "Tacos" deserves its own thread.

The sign outside says simply "Tacos" in huge letters - the official name is Les Aliments Carne. (Apparently their original intent was to be a "meat counter" but plans changed.)

They have a small, changing menu of mostly tacos, with one burrito on the menu. There is mostly steak, pork, and chorizo as fillings. Today they had a lamb taco. Sometimes they have chicken milanese tacos (breaded chicken) but not today. Tacos are $3 each or $8 for 3 of one kind. The veggie burrito was $7. Taxes included in prices.

They made me a bean burrito, which had rice in it and fresh coriander. While not the holy grail of TexMex or California-style burritos, it was delicious, with a tasty, spicy salsa throughout. My husband loved his tacos, saying that while he doesn't have much experience in such matters, they were definitely the best tacos he ever had.

They also make homemade churros with dulce de leche but had run out when we got there. They were very apologetic and promised fresh ones tomorrow morning. There isn't much else on the menu besides drinks, including Jarritos sodas.

There about four seats at skinny counters on either side of the place if you really wanted to eat there, with salsa, lime, and chiles in little ramekins.

As someone who's had some great TexMex food in the last few years I intentionally kept my expectations very low, and I was really pleasantly surprised by this place.

30 Westminster North, just north of Sherbrooke W.
(514) 507-2355

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  1. do they have jarrito cola? this is increasingly hard to find. for some reason stores only carry, for example, tamarind. yuck. the cola is amaziznggg

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    1. re: frogsteak

      I didn't notice but I'll check next time.

    2. Tried it a month or so ago, real good tacos and they claim they are adding appetizers in the future. Tacos were 3 for $7 last month.

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      1. re: JerkPork

        Any idea if there Is cilantro in the food mix? (I can ask for it not to be sprinkled on at the end and forego the sauce)

        Love tamarind cola. The mexican place on monkland has jarrito colas too, and so does El Meson in Lachine.

      2. Tried their homemade sausage tacos (not the chorizo ones), it was pretty good although I'm not very experienced with tacos, I've only had Amaranto's, Sabor Latino's, Burrito shop's, taco bell's and foodcourt mall tacos. I'd have to say they are on par with Sabor's and Burrito's, although Sabor's chorizo taco seem to be saltier.

        I didn't see any Jarrito's cola but I also didn't ask. Also they don't have guacamole yet, but plan on having it when avocados are in season. They have a high school student discount for burritos, but apparently this place isn't too popular with the kids. It's too bad these guys aren't located more in the heart of NDG because I'm sure they would be quite popular here.

        1. No Jarritos cola, it looks like - tamarind, mango, lime, and mandarin.

          For williej - I asked about cilantro in the fillings and they said there wasn't any, that it was only sprinkled on after and they would gladly leave it off if you asked.

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          1. re: kpzoo

            Thanks for the useful info. Since I am down there a lot, will give it a try!

          2. went there today for a pik-up lunch and had steak and sausage, pork, and another can't remember...delicious and light and just enough spice. They didn't have any Burritos and no lamb today. 3 for 9.00 because I ordered them different had I ordered the same it would have been 8 tax incl. well worth the price Great having a place like this in Montreal West. Hope they grow to include more.