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Apr 17, 2014 04:14 PM

Anybody brave enough to go to the Koreatown Night Market thing?

Thinking about heading to the K-Town night market thing this Friday/Saturday. Anybody else going?

Are the lines going to be unbearable? I seem to remember reading the 626 night market was hell.

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  1. I'm doing it. Hopefully it won't be hell!

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    1. re: OutshinedLA

      Please report back and let us know.

    2. sounds like a good place for it

      1. We've read about and have experienced enough of these ridiculous LA food festivals, from the Grilled Cheese Invitational to the 626 NM, that we assume the worst and are often proven right. Still, we may go to soak up the ambiance, but we're definitely eating beforehand. We have no desire to stand in line for an hour anywhere, let alone for a stick of grilled meat from some anonymous street vendor.

        I'll save my real night market grazing for when I'm in Taiwan. They do night markets right.

        Mr Taster

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        1. re: Mr Taster

          Now you guys are scaring me and I don't want to go!

          1. re: OutshinedLA

            Don't be scared. But do:

            1) eat beforehand, because lines for food could be hell


            2) take public transit, because parking is always hell in Koreatown

            If you do both of those, your any stress surrounding the event will be minimal.

            Mr Taster

            1. re: Mr Taster

              I'm a public trans person so that's not a problem. I wonder if Boo's Philly Cheesesteaks will have a similar problem. Guessing yes.

              I lived thru the LA Weekly monstrous food hall thing recently so I'm good here.

              You guys are the best!

              1. re: OutshinedLA

                Did you go last night? If so, how was it?

              2. re: Mr Taster

                I think eating, at least a real meal, beforehand defeats the purpose. Since we're on CH, we should be thinking of trying the food there. Maybe just a snack beforehand in case the lines are long?

                1. re: TheOffalo

                  Going tonight, will happily stand in line for food. Will report back.

                  1. re: OutshinedLA

                    It was a great time. We took uber which was a good call. The line was not bad to get in but probably a 10-15 min wait by the time we left (930 pm)

                    The energy was great with a dj permeating the whole festival. People seemed to be in great moods.

                    Lines were long for things like Ramenburger and Mr Potato but we decided we'd try them another time.

                    We had a decent chicken thigh yakitori from Shin Sen Gumi. Next was a bahn mi Berkshire pork taco from Forage. I really liked that, a good snack.

                    The fried chicken from Top Chef New Orleans contestant Brian Huskey probably would have been much better if not mass produced and fired up for hundreds of people. Sturdy bun, chicken a little crispy from hot fire and a cole slaw a little too goopy for festival food. The very last bite with moist bun, sliver of cabbage and spicy bite of chicken was promising.

                    He's just left Picca/Paiche to redo the menu for Formosa Cafe in the wake of Red Medicine's departure. He told me he hopes to create "Asian flavors, Chinese, Korean" at bar-friendly prices. I am a neighbor of that establishment so I'll get there when it happens.

                    We roamed around food truck village in the hopes of trying one or two more things but trucks were closing shop and lines were really long for those still open. I knew my Philadelphia-born boyfriend was still hungry and had the Boo's Philly Cheesesteak idea in my back pocket as mentioned upthread.

                    That was a nice, reliable cheesesteak outside of Philly. I had a turkey hoagie because I just couldn't have that much more food. He takes his steaks Whiz or American and peppers. I'm a prov/wit girl so his was too foreign to steal too many bites from. (Review this in another thread or here?)

                    Thanks for the support. I'm so glad I didn't eat beforehand! Embrace the public trans or the Uber, LA People, you'll be happier.

                    1. re: OutshinedLA

                      Thanks for reporting back!

                      Is Mr. Potato the spiral potato thing? The lines for those things were crazy at 626 Night Market. Got one, not sure what the hype is.

                      1. re: TheOffalo

                        I got one at the 626 night market because I arrived early and the line was short..

                        what I got was a very dry and unevenly seasoned fried spiral cut potato (assuming that's what mr potato served?)

                        I don't see the hype at all.

                        1. re: blimpbinge

                          Yes that was Mr. Potato. They looked cute but eh, whatever. I was really happy with the food we had.

            1. re: jesstifer

              Jesstifer, that's hilarious! Now I want to go. Details please, or link....what's this about?

            2. Report from a friend who lives in ktown

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