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Apr 17, 2014 03:49 PM

No call back on that reservation?

Maybe I'm just late to the dance but lately I have not received call backs on my phone request for reservations. So I wonder is this the new standard? If the restaurant does not call me back does that mean I do not have a reservation? And if this is true then I am going to stir up a wasps nest. Basic courtesy requires us to return calls. Even if it is just to say: "I'm so sorry we can not accomodate you tonight. Please call back tomorrow and we will try to get you in. Thank you for your patronage." Am I out of touch? Or have I touched a nerve?

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  1. So--no big deal….
    You call them back during business hours !!
    Maybe they don't take reservations !!
    Did you glance at their website?

    1. I try to phone during business hours (although not when they are likely to be very busy with service). Sometimes that's not possible due to several hours time difference between me and them. In those rare circumstances, it's not uncommon for there to be no return contact. I assume that it's possible that (a) they didnt want to make an international call and/or (b) they hadnt understood my poor attempt to speak their language. Their loss - I'm a good customer.

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        Most US restaurants will not return an international call, I would suspect.

      2. International call? I don't know about other countries, but in the US unless you've got an international plan (not by any means universal) it is REALLY expensive. I'd not be surprised that they wouldn't call back. Online reservations are pretty common-- was that not an option?

        1. If a restaurant didn't call me back and confirm my reservation, I would assume that I do not have a reservation. I also wouldn't expect them to call me back and tell me I don't have a reservation. Most restaurants don't have a large staff, especially during hours they are closed. The people that are there are probably the owner or GM or their spouse and they are likely signing for deliveries, placing orders, preparing for service, etc and it's quite possible that my call is going to go missed or they simply don't have the time to call back everyone who calls them.

          If no one answered when I called, I would probably call back later or leave a message asking them to call me to schedule a reservation, party, etc. I wouldn't assume that I could call a popular restaurant on a Saturday afternoon and say I wanted a table that night at 8 and think their lack of getting back to me meant I had a table. It likely means they haven't had a chance to check their messages.

          1. I'd just call back during business hours. When I was a waitress we didn't check the voice mail regularly.