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Nov 28, 2003 08:54 AM

got mangostine?

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where can i find one?

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  1. Kim Phat (3588 Goyer just east of Côte-des-Neiges, 514 737-2383) had fresh mangosteens when I was there on Tuesday; the several other Kim Phat stores in the greater Montreal area probably stock them too. Another place to look is the Jean Talon Market: they're pretty much a staple at Chez Louis (in the centre of the row of shops on the south side of the market, 514 277-4670) and I've seen them at the green grocer's on the north side that's so popular with Southeast Asians and other third-worlders (the name escapes me). The produce stores on St-Laurent in Chinatown are also good bets.

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      exotic fruit lover

      Thank you!

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        Pardon my ignorance, but what is it?

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          One of the more luscious tropical fruits, originally from the Malay Peninsula or thereabouts. Unfortunately for Canadians, it tastes best when tree ripened and just picked. Click below for more information than you can shake a durian at.


    2. For those of you wondering what a mangostine is, have a look at these images. fruit.htm fruit-mangostine2.JPG

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        optimus crime

        tried atwater mkt?