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Apr 17, 2014 03:20 PM

Dinner suggestions-Near Larkspur Landing/Marin County

We will be visiting the Larkspur Landing area. We are looking for a restaurant for dinner reservations within a 30 minute car ride. Our criteria is creative/ upscale dining in a nice environment. We are open to any cuisine as well.

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    1. Last time I was there, Frantoio was very nice, just a few minutes south of Larkspur. It's been awhile so I do not have much to say except they make their own really good olive oil, but you might check their website.

      1. a few options to consider:

        murry circle restaurant at cavallo point

        sushi ran in sausalito

        1. Anyone have any experience recently with Il Fornaio? I keep getting mail about regional Italian cooking but haven't gone.

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            wolfe, we ate at that IF some months ago and REALLY liked it.


          2. Farmshop, mentioned previously, is right across the boulevard from the ferry terminal in the former Larkspur Landing mall (now Marin Country Mart). Very mixed reviews from the locals. Sushi Ran, in Sausalito, terrific--great sushi and Japanese influenced non raw dishes. Across the freeway from Sausalito itself, is the previously mentioned Murray Circle: not so fine-dining an attempt as when it opened ,but no more gorgeous setting anywhere. In town of Larkspur itself is Picco which I have enjoyed several times, especially crudo, other seafood and vegetable dishes. And farther north, in San Anselmo, is Insalata's, a locals favorite, with an eastern Mediterranean influence. I have lived in Marin a long time and while dining options are steadily improving, it is not a place known for cutting edge dining. Beautiful though.