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Nov 25, 2003 02:54 PM


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I'm looking to get a gift certificate for someone who lives in Montreal. The butcher shop he goes to is owned by a man that's from France. Can anyone help locate that shop or have the name of a good butcher I can talk to?? I need information in the next couple days. Thank you. Cate Miller

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  1. Several butcher shops in the city are owned or run by Frenchmen. Can you at least specify the neighbourhood your friend lives or shops in?

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      Boucherie Atlantique on Queen Mary maybe??

      1. re: David

        >Boucherie Atlantique on Queen Mary maybe??

        It's a good butcher shop but the owners are German, not French.

        In the same neighbourhood, Boucherie de Paris on Gatineau, a block and a half north of Queen Mary, is owned and operated by a Frenchman.

        Of course, there's Anjou-Québec on Laurier; the late owner was French and, to judge by their accents, most of the current butchers are, too. And if I recall correctly, the Maître-Boucher on Monkland is Québécois but has at least a couple of French butchers on staff.

        There are other French butchers on the Plateau and elsewhere, too, which is why it'd help to know where Cate's friend is located.