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Apr 17, 2014 02:44 PM

Philly CH to Tillamook OR

Heading to Tillamook for a three day visit. Was wondering if there's anyplace you'd recommend eating. Looking for something not uber-pricey but that (obviously) has good food in a casual setting. Preference would be seafood but I'm open. Suggestions?

Also, what's the one local beer you'd suggest I try while there. I generally favor wheat beers but am open to suggestions.

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  1. Tillamook County? City? Specific location? Not much in the latter. In Cannon Beach is Ecola Seafood. You might hear a lot about Mo's. Don't bother. Way overrated. Roseanna's Café in Oceanside is good, and a beautiful setting. Pacific City has Pelican Pub & Brewery.

    1. Astoria isn't too far north and some of the best smoked fish I've ever had is from Josephson's Smokehouse. It's a tiny place but they have clam chowder and they were making bagel sandwiches when I was there last week. We grabbed a bunch of smoked fish and brought it back to the hotel. If you go definitely get the wine smoked maple salmon! also get the lox version of it, it's amazing.

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        Thanks Leonardo, Clyde. Gonna check 'em out, narrow it to two and let my hosts decide which they'd prefer to go to--I'll be picking up the tab as a way of saying thank you.

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          I am having a hard time getting the hours on Josephson's. Can you tell me if they are open on Saturday's?

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            I don't know what the definition of "isn't too far north" but Astoria is a 90 min drive from Tillamook.

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            Astoria is pretty far north for a three-day trip — about 65 miles. Astoria is worth spending some time in for eating, though.

          3. I've read that The Schooner in Netarts is good and their menu looks promising, but I've never tried it. When I'm in Tillamook I'm just driving through, heading north. When I did spend some time in Tillamook decades ago, The Schooner was just a tavern. If you go there, please let us know how it is.

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              I was just there for an early lunch. There are not many options around the area. This is a very mediocre restaurant. Maybe this will help others.

              We ordered: fish and chips-the fish was under seasoned but otherwise good(frozen fries). Clam chowder: tasted pasty and of uncooked flour, chewey clams. Bacon burger that sounded terrific, tasted "off" somehow but I think the flavors just did not mesh, it was over cooked. The winner of the lunch was the Mac and cheese. It was delicious!

              Bloody Mary's were dull. Service was noticeably slow for so few customers.

              The view is great!

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                Thanks. Hardly anybody up there serves a decent clam chowder, surprisingly. See my separate thread on the subject:


                (Clatsop is the next county north of Tillamook.)