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Apr 17, 2014 02:39 PM

Suggestions for dinner near NYCB Theatre in Westbury (Long Island)

A quick CH search points to the Azerbaijan Grill as a favorite, but is there anything else we should keep in mind? Our only requirement is that it's not too far from the theater.

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  1. Market Bistro in Jericho - New American Cuisine

    Franks Steaks in Jericho - Steak

    New Chilli & Curry in Hicksville - Northern Indian

    Pollos El Paisa in Westbury - Colombian

    I'm sure many other Chowhounds will chime in with more recs in the area.

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      1. re: foodiemom10583

        Market Bistro is great, nice professional but relaxed vibe. A less store fronty place than the others, but New Chilli and Curry is my favorite place to be. If you get there before 6;30, you shouldn't have to wait 45 min for a table.

        I like Azerbaijan, too.

        1. re: mcf

          Thanks! We are checking out the menus.

    1. Sort of right down the road, I always think Bennys when I'm in Westbury.

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        Yes, it's like 1964 deja vu, and I love Benny himself.

        1. re: mcf

          I love unique places like this, and always amazed at Benny himself too. South Shore Restaurant in Patchogue was the same way, the owner was a doll and the tableside Caesar salad etc was a trip. But I'm getting off the subject at hand I guess. So, Bennys gets my vote.

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            Benny's folks in the restaurant told us he commutes from Queens to work there. He's close to 80. I was taking MIL, who lives in dementia unit at the Bristal up the road, for lunches there weekly. It's quiet, calm and they and he treated her like visiting royalty, seeing she wasn't 100% on her game. Nice food, old style service and graciousness, grandma's every day china on the table.

        2. Thanks for all the suggestions!

          After looking at all the menus, my carnivorous companions decided on Frank's.

          We had a lovely meal with baked clams, filet, skirt steak, huge steak fries, creamed spinach, and dessert. Service was remarkably friendly and solicitous. I have nothing but praise for this place. It was also less than a minute to the theater, so we were able to chill out and enjoy our dinner.

          The next time we are in the area, I look forward to trying some of the other places that were mentioned here, like Benny's, Market Bistro, and Azerbaijan.

          Thanks again to all!

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