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Apr 17, 2014 01:04 PM

Where can I buy creme brulee (french style) tomorrow on Good Friday

Hi to all

Instead of making my own, anyone know where I can purchase like 10-20 fresh creme brulee cheap on Good Friday tomorrow ?

Please kindly advise ASAP.

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  1. Do they have to be fresh? I know Costco used to sell them frozen - you sprinkle the sugar on and brulee it under the broiler, or better a torch. They were pretty good and quite inexpensive.

    1. thanks for your kind suggestions

      1. French Made Baking at Kingsway/Broadway is open on Good Friday and I've seen creme brûlée in their display case from time to time. However, I know their selection changes from day to day so you may want to call ahead.
        Good luck intelguy!

        1. too late for G Friday - however - next time - doesn't TJ's sell a frozen individ single-serve creme brulee - and then one ends up with all those little highly breakable terra cotta dishes -

          maybe LRapper knows as they seem to go to TJ's more often than I do.

          the costco idea is good too.

          haven't looked as this is our big treat "out" ---- the round the small Pac NW world creme brulee taste test.

          on a diff note - I realize time and space and dishes factor in to this - is Cr Brulee diff to make at home?

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          1. re: Georgia Strait

            Not difficult to make. Takes some time (about an hour) and ingredients (cream, vanilla, eggs, sugar). Refrigerator space. Little dishes. And a torch.
            I've eaten the Costco offerings. Pretty tasty, and without too many fake ingredients (if any). But I still prefer a well-prepared homemade version.