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Apr 17, 2014 11:42 AM

Hot Pepper Jelly

It's ham season, and while I don't eat it often, I love a freshly baked biscuit with ham and red pepper jelly. Anyone have a favorite pepper jelly condiment?

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  1. Tried to make jalapeno jelly one time and it just did NOT gel?? BUT not a fail at all... a thick "syrup" to used for glazing all sorts of stuff on grill.

    1. Try googling 'cowboy candy'. It is sliced candied jalapenos with turmeric and cayenne. I changed it up a little by subbing Penzey's hot curry powder for turmeric and cayenne. Really good with cream cheese on a cracker.

      1. Shrimp, bacon, jalapeno jelly, broil. Easiest app ever and delicious.

        1. perhaps I was being vague. I'm looking for a commercially made product or a recipe for pepper jelly. last year I found the jelly I purchased to be too sweet and not hot enough (I forget the brand)

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            I make one from Fancy Pantry and love it. You can adjust hot vs sweet peppers to make it to your liking. I am planning to make some this weekend mainly because a friend is craving it. It is a simple recipe but delicious. Happy to paraphrase when I get home if you would like.

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                Yes that is one thing I will give them credit for.

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                If you're looking for commercially made, Yyou might get more results in General Topics. If you want a recipe, I like ones that have more spices and cut the sugar. I like using the seeds for more heat. I don't use a specific recipe, though.

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                  Mick's out of Seattle has a lot of flavor options and they have different levels of spice. I have them ship me jars.

                2. I love a good red pepper jelly (Harry & David's is a favorite) over a block of cream cheese with crackers. It's better if it's mixed together but I learned early on that the way it looks turns people off.