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Hot Pepper Jelly

It's ham season, and while I don't eat it often, I love a freshly baked biscuit with ham and red pepper jelly. Anyone have a favorite pepper jelly condiment?

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  1. Tried to make jalapeno jelly one time and it just did NOT gel?? BUT not a fail at all... a thick "syrup" to used for glazing all sorts of stuff on grill.

    1. Try googling 'cowboy candy'. It is sliced candied jalapenos with turmeric and cayenne. I changed it up a little by subbing Penzey's hot curry powder for turmeric and cayenne. Really good with cream cheese on a cracker.

      1. Shrimp, bacon, jalapeno jelly, broil. Easiest app ever and delicious.

        1. perhaps I was being vague. I'm looking for a commercially made product or a recipe for pepper jelly. last year I found the jelly I purchased to be too sweet and not hot enough (I forget the brand)

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            I make one from Fancy Pantry and love it. You can adjust hot vs sweet peppers to make it to your liking. I am planning to make some this weekend mainly because a friend is craving it. It is a simple recipe but delicious. Happy to paraphrase when I get home if you would like.

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                Yes that is one thing I will give them credit for.

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                If you're looking for commercially made, Yyou might get more results in General Topics. If you want a recipe, I like ones that have more spices and cut the sugar. I like using the seeds for more heat. I don't use a specific recipe, though.

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                  Mick's out of Seattle has a lot of flavor options and they have different levels of spice. I have them ship me jars.

                2. I love a good red pepper jelly (Harry & David's is a favorite) over a block of cream cheese with crackers. It's better if it's mixed together but I learned early on that the way it looks turns people off.

                  1. A few seasons ago I grew bumper crops of both habenero peppers and ghost peppers, and I made jellies/jams from both of them. Want I should scare up the recipe for you? (Probably beaucoup recipes on the web, though.) We used the jams for glazing grilled meats, with goat cheese and crackers, even for a wild grilled pb&j sandwich.

                    1. Dickinson's is good and easy to find, but in my neck of the woods (northern mass), I'm hard pressed to find one I like better than Howard's Hot Pepper Relish. Not a true jelly, but it's delicious and not too sweet (which I find Dickinson's and Stonewall Kitchen's to trend towards).

                      1. I make pretty good pepper jelly.

                        This is the recipe I use. I use red bell peppers and more haberneros than called for


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                          pheeeew, is your mouth like a firegoat ?

                        2. Rothchild Farms of Ohio Red Pepper Jelly.


                          The Hatch Chile jalepeno Jam is awesome from them as well.
                          As is the basalmic roasted garlic and onion spread.

                          All above a combo of slightly sweet but not overly , savory and spicey.

                          1. The powers at be chose to move this from home cooking to general topics. For me it's really a flip of the coin on which forum to post these type of questions.

                            Thanks so much for some great recipes and product recommendations!

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                              It would be good to have it on both boards--one asking for recipes,one for store bought.

                            2. I saw some jalapeƱo jelly next to the normal jelly about a month ago at the store. I can't believe I've never seen it before. I must buy it soon and try it on some meat. I might make a squirrel or crow recipe out of it this winter :)

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                                My sister occasionally gifts me with homemade hot pepper jelly, and I use it to make a Cajun shrimp dish I found online. Only takes minutes to throw together.

                              2. We bought a little jar of smoked hot pepper jelly at a farmer's market near Charleston last time we were there. It was delicious! So, when our red bell peppers and jalapeƱos are ripe in the garden this summer, my friend has agreed to smoke some of them for me, so I can make the smoked pepper jelly myself.

                                1. Currently using one from the South Devon Chilli Farm. Quite a good balance between sweet and hot but I'd prefer it a little hotter.

                                  1. I don't have a recipe other than the one David Rocco showcased on his TV show. think it was his neighbor lady's recipe. literally made it right along side him pausing tv to play catch up. I scaled down on the red hot peppers and did orange bells mostly with 1 red bell as I'm not real fond of red bells, love orange.
                                    wrote it on my phone but easier here.


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                                      I'm making this right now, why waste a good opportunity when all's at the ready.
                                      make sure you don't itch your eyes even though you think you've washed your hands thoroughly as I just did.
                                      it's in the vinegar stage cooking away until softened. getting out my little jars because the sugar stage is next.
                                      Sugar and vanilla pods in-cooking down thickening tastes perfect. The stickiness will come in 40 mins.

                                    2. Thank you to all who have posted their recommended commercial hot pepper jelly brands. I have found most to be way too sweet with not enough "hot", and I have tried everything from Stonewall Kitchen's $8 jar to a local farm stands homemade stuff. Usually I remedy the bunk jar by adding a little ground cayenne pepper. Once that rehydrates and gets stirred in well, it offsets the overabundance of sugar.

                                      For the record, my favorite hot pepper jelly usage is smeared on a piece of aged cheddar. Sublime.

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                                        ^^^thats why I listed a recipe for you^^^

                                        no special items needed except jars and most of us have a few spares

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                                          Quite honestly, out of all of the stuff I make from scratch, jellies aren't high on my priority list. I'm lazy and will continue to buy the commercial stuff!

                                      2. When Pigs Fly sells both a Hot and Regular Pepper Jelly. Their Davis Sq. store has it. My only complaint is that it is not quite as thick as i like. I mix the 2 together but i bet you'll like the Hot as it is.

                                        1. http://www.stiritupcuisine.com/products

                                          this jamaican co. sells at the lex. farmers market on tues.
                                          saw this when i was googling through various vendor lists for farmers mkts. Neat that they do a few versions.

                                          1. Help! I have made 4 batches of hot pepper jelly. They all taste great, but I cannot seem to get it hot enough. With each batch I added more HOT peppers and more seeds and veins, but the heat doesn't seem to increase. I have been told that the boiling kills the spicy heat. Can I add the hot peppers to the already boiled jam and still get a lasting product?

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                                              How frustrating! I think that would work; can't see why it wouldn't. You've already boiled your sugar mixture. You could also add cayenne to it.You might want to do some comparison spoonfuls before you commit to the whole batch.

                                            2. I made it once, by the Sunset Magazine recipe, it was the best thing we'd tasted. But the next time i tried it was awful, like pond slime algae and it never solididfied into jelly. I think that there are tricks to making preserves that I do not have access to.