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Making a sauce that call for 1T cream. What can I use instead?

I'm making a sauce for sautéed chicken with a morel mushroom sauce. The recipe calls for 1 T. of cream. I don't usually keep cream around and I don't really want to buy a container just for 1T. Is there something I can substitute? We use 2% milk, so don't know if that would work.

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  1. A lot of folks recommend evaporated milk as a lowfat alternative to cream, but I would just use the 2% milk and thicken the sauce with a roux. It won't be exactly the same as a silky cream sauce, but you can get enough body to coat the chicken.

    1. Maybe go ahead and buy the cream and whip the rest into butter?

      1. A blend of your 2% milk with melted, cooled butter should substitute well enough.

        The general substitution formula for replacing heavy cream (for larger quantities) is 3/4 c. Whole milk to 1/4 c. Melted, cooled butter, whisked together.

        In your case, I'm figuring a half T. Butter to a half T. of the 2% milk might get you where you want to go.

        Good luck!

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          That is clever. I've never thought of that!

        2. You could make bechamel as a sub.

          1. Make a bechamel with butter, flour and 2% milk.

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                I agree just finish Beurre monté

              2. Buy some cream. Freeze the unused portion in an ice cube tray. After freezing, pop out and store in an airtight container in the freezer. Use as needed in the future.

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                  I keep little silicone cupcake cups filled with leftover coconut milk, lime and lemon juice, chopped herbs, chipotle peppers, etc. in Ziplocs in the freezer. Cream should be just fine. The problem becomes finding the bag of sauteed leeks or tomato paste when you need it although the ones you don't want are always readily available. Also, label the bag. You'd be surprised how the appearance changes when frozen.

                2. Depending on if you'll like the flavor in this dish, you could use sour cream with an egg yolk in it.
                  Mix together, temper and add to make sauce thick and creamy.
                  Morels are strong, so this might work well.