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Where to find Passover vodka/tequila in NYC?

Everybody has wine, but the only place I can find is in Riverdale.


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    1. Try Beacon Wines on 74th and Broadway in Manhattan. If they don't have it they are really nice about tracking things down and ordering them.

      1. Go to or call McCabes Wine and Spirits at 1347 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10021, ask for Matthew.

        1. Gotham Wines near 94th and Broadway.
          Possibly Schnapps in Brooklyn on Avenue M and E.4th Street.

          1. Columbus Wines on Columbus and 96th generally as a pretty good selection.

            1. Thanks for all of the suggestions. I scored at Union Square Wine & Spirits.

              1. I just need to ask. What is Passover Vodka and/or Passover tequila?

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                  The Vodka is made from potatoes thus avoiding grain alcohol which is Chometz - try the sweet potato Vodka

                  The Tequila typically doesn't contain any Chometz, but nevertheless both are made under rabbinical supervision.

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                    The Moses Date Vodka is also very good. Gotham has it.

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                      Interesting, I do like to learn something every day.
                      tequila should be 100% agave, in my opinion, and must be made and bottled in the region of Tequila. Jalisco. Otherwise it can not legally be called tequila.
                      Once again, thanks for the info.

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                        There are many spirits that do not contain prohibited ingredients but unless they are willing to pay for supervision to ensure that they are conforming to Kosher standards they are not considered acceptable. Since Kosher-observant consumers can't personally ascertain that the ingredients/methods conform to Kosher guidelines, these Kosher certifications are essential. SO even if it's otherwise 100% conforming, unless someone verifies it as such, it ain't.

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                      Passover vodka can also be made from Fruit. Carmel, one of the oldest and largest Israeli wine proiducers has made fruit based Passover Vodka for many years. I bought it for the first time back in 1978.......

                      Also, as for your later comment about Tequila having to be made in the Tequila region of Jalisco, MX to be legally called Tequila: This attorney will tell you that is not true everywhere outside of Mexico. Just as California sparkling wine may be legally labelled "champagne" and sold here in the USA while in France (and other places in the EU only sparkling wine made in Champagne,France could be sold labelled as Champagne. Tequila not made in Jalisco and marketed outside of Mexico (and countries with trade agreements respecting this appellation) can be legally sold as Tequila in some countries.