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Apr 17, 2014 03:30 AM

Atlantic City Restaurants

I have an overnight in Atlantic City coming up and I would like to have a memorable meal chef vola which I like a lot is closed for Easter any suggestions?

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  1. What kind of food are you looking for, and what are your price limits?

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    1. re: jetermacaw

      I live in Manhattan so not really interested in a steak house unless its exceptional you or are we have a reason to seafood that said really looking for a great experience money okay to spend if the meal is worth spending it on

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        Get out of the casinos and head to Dock's or The Knife and Fork, great food and fairly priced wine lists....

        1. re: Gastronomic

          Agreed...I haven't been to Dock's yet, but I hope to get there this weekend. Thanks.

        1. It's not the finest dining place in AC, but it is nice; and to some it won't compete with the nicest of the nicest in the casinos, but I would recommend the Knife and Fork.

          1. For Seafood, Docks is my favorite, followed by Harrys Oyster House, which are owned by the same people. Harrys is a little bit more casual . The steak houses which all serve great seafood are a personal preference, my favorites, are Nero's @ Caesars and The Steak House @ Harrahs. Knife and Fork Inn is also very good, with a little old school AC.

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              Dock's and Knife & Fork (same owners) are always good, solid places.

            2. +1 for Dock's Oyster House.