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Atlantic City Restaurants

I have an overnight in Atlantic City coming up and I would like to have a memorable meal chef vola which I like a lot is closed for Easter any suggestions?

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  1. What kind of food are you looking for, and what are your price limits?

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      I live in Manhattan so not really interested in a steak house unless its exceptional you or are we have a reason to seafood that said really looking for a great experience money okay to spend if the meal is worth spending it on

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        Get out of the casinos and head to Dock's or The Knife and Fork, great food and fairly priced wine lists....

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          Agreed...I haven't been to Dock's yet, but I hope to get there this weekend. Thanks.

        1. It's not the finest dining place in AC, but it is nice; and to some it won't compete with the nicest of the nicest in the casinos, but I would recommend the Knife and Fork.

          1. For Seafood, Docks is my favorite, followed by Harrys Oyster House, which are owned by the same people. Harrys is a little bit more casual . The steak houses which all serve great seafood are a personal preference, my favorites, are Nero's @ Caesars and The Steak House @ Harrahs. Knife and Fork Inn is also very good, with a little old school AC.

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              Dock's and Knife & Fork (same owners) are always good, solid places.

            2. +1 for Dock's Oyster House.

              1. Carmines at the Trop is always fantastic!! Chicken Scarpiello is amazing!!

                1. Any other recommendations on non-casino restaurtants?

                  Two weeks ago I had dinner at the Knife & Fork Inn on Friday night and Chef Vola on Saturday night -- both excellent! The Knife & Fork Inn has become my go to, regular, etc. place for dinner.

                  Any other good places outside the casinos?

                  Thank you in advance.

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                    Top...why hasn't my above post brought this thread back up? Thanks.

                  2. I know this is an old post but I just saw it. Can't believe no one said Chef Vola's. I believe the New York Times rated it #1 restaurant in A.C. BYOB. Need to know someone to get in. In a basement of an old house with no sign outside. Food is fantastic, especially anything on their extensive list of daily specials. Banana cream pie or apple ricotta cheesecake are the best. One of my fav places anywhere.

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                      LOL...Read the original post...

                      "chef vola which I like a lot is closed for Easter any suggestions?"

                      Had Chef Vola not been closed the night the original poster was to be in AC...Chef Vola would have been the first two words out of my mouth (or typed on the keyboard actually, LOL).

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                          LOL...I think Chef Vola is excellent. I hear comments about it being overrated, not that good, schtick due to the story behind, and so on and so on.

                          My first time there was 20 plus years ago and while the story is very interesting, I don't get caught up in the schtick at all. That said, I find the food excellent -- a lot of flavor, taste, high-quality ingredients, fresh, very well prepared, etc. Sure, everyone's tastes are different and if someone doesn't like the food, that's fine of course. But that's one's opinion and tastes, no different than mine is my opinion and taste. I don't think you cast some aspersion however that it's no good, overrated, poor, and so on. If you do -- that's just one opinion.

                          I also very much enjoy the Knife and Fork -- also excellent in my opinion.

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                            I always have great meals at chef vola. Going this coming Saturday. Never have been to knife and fork. Where is it

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                              I too have always had great meals at Chef Vola -- from the seafood salad to the bone-in veal parmigiana. I've actually never had a sub-par dish there, and being a BYO, in my opinion, it is affordable and offers a lot of value. A lot of tastes, flavors, etc. I've probably brought a a few dozen people there for dinner on a variety of trips to AC, and everyone has liked it very much and enjoyed the experience. If I go to AC, I try to get to Chef Vola. I've just always enjoyed it very much.

                              The Knife and Fork Inn is my favorite everyday restaurant in AC. It is at the southern end of "the strip" at the intersection of Atlantic and Pacific. Think about the old Atlantic Club casino (the old Hilton) and then one block south. You can see the back/side of the restaurant from the front doors of the Atlantic Club. Here too, I've never had a sub-par dish.

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                                  Didn't know that (as I don't watch the show, LOL).

                                  I'll be in AC, hopefully, before the end of the month; and as soon as my plans become solidified -- I'll call Vola for a reservation. I think my Friday night will be at the Knife and Fork Inn and my Saturday night will be at Chef Vola...and I very much look forward to both.

                                  Years ago, before the awning the outdoor/patio seating -- the "aura" of the place, at least the outside, was a bit different in my opinion. Not that it's changed -- but pulling into a residential street, and seeing a "house" was just setting a stage for a newcomer. Even if you've been there, there was just an inviting expectation, walking down the side of the house, bending down to walk through the door, etc. Now, there's people sitting outside, milling about, etc. I've never eaten upstairs on the patio and I am sure people still enjoy themselves -- and the food -- and the place is still always booked solid and crowded; and I am glad they are still doing very well after so many years.

                                  Thanks again for the info on Boardwalk Empire.

                    2. Chef Vola over hyped, over rated and over priced for what it is made out to be. Knife and Fork always excellent!

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