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Apr 17, 2014 02:17 AM

Miami Street Food?

Hi all, What's the street food scene like in Miami? Are there many good street stalls, trucks, markets and holes in the wall?

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  1. The food trucks seem to move around in packs and are in different places throughout the week. There is a website (somewhere) that informs about times and locations.

    No street stalls to speak of. Markets are usually on the weekend. Tons of 'hole in the wall' places many of which feature latin and Caribbean fare. There is in fact a group of restaurants called "Hole In The Wall" and they serve up tasty sports bar fare which includes an incredible blackened dolphin sandwich.

    Hopefully, some others here will chime in with more pertinent information but this is a start.

    Ft. Pierce, FL....via Homestead

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      Thanks very much for the advice. Do you have any sense of how big the food truck scene is. Are there dozens or are we talking hundreds?

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        This is probably your best resource on Miami food trucks:

        I'm not sure how recently the "active" food truck list has been updated - I know that I see some on there that are no longer in existence.

        I've also done this list of twitter accounts, which I know hasn't been updated for some time (but for the most part, if they're still tweeting they're likely still in action):

        Unlike some cities where the trucks operate independently with their own locations, Miami's tend to be found in "gatherings". Upcoming events are also listed on the "Miami Food Trucks" website I linked to above.

        There aren't a lot of markets of the type you're thinking of that have food stalls, but you may enjoy Palacio de los Jugos in Miami (go to the original one on Flagler, there are several spin-offs), and the Yellow Green Market in Hollywood.

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            Did Guiseppe's Italian Sausage truck go out of business. It was the real deal as far as NYC sausage goes!