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Faith and Flower - omg sooo good

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Faith and Flower is near my office, so it was super easy to check it out when they opened for lunch this week.

I had so-so expectations, but let me tell you, it's incredibly delicious. I went with something easy, the Jidori Hen, at $14, it's a bargain in my downtown lunch neighborhood. It's served on English Peas and Smashed Roasted Potatoes, with glazed chopped onions, and each bite is more savory than the last.

My companion had the Whole Wheat Thick Noodle Lamb Ragout and licked the plate clean. Also low price at $12. After many lunches at Bottega Louie and Terroni (and Factory Kitchen, when we take the car), this is a bargain.

I can't wait to go back at night. The room is quiet (but looks like it might be loud), it's pretty (they're going for a late 1800's vibe), and the service is impeccable, even though they're new.

I've been to so many new restaurants in LA (as many of you know), that it's not easy to win me over like this one did. The steak tartar beckons me, as does the Short Ribs. The chef, Michael Hung, is famous for his deviled eggs, but we didn't try them.

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  1. There is a disconnect between your reports and what is on the lunch menu online. The Jidori Hen is listed at $19 and the ragout is $16

    Was there a special of some sort?


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      They may have changed the menu? It was definitely the lower price. 3 people - 2 Hen dishes, one pasta - 3 ice teas/lemonades, our bill was $52

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        Because the lunch and dinner menu show that dish (Jidori hen) both listed at $19 it makes me think that they've simply made an error on the website with the lunch price.