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Apr 16, 2014 06:59 PM

Easter Bread

Saw a lot of Easter Bread at Corropoles in Lansdale today. Two were sold while I was waiting for my hoagie. Also some bunny shaped cakes. They were out of the tomato pie early, the only ones left had no tomato sauce but meat and cheese. It was fairly early to be out. I think they might have gotten hit by last minute Lenten menu followers.
Was very tempted to get the Easter bread it looked delicious. Theoretically I can procrastinate til Easter as they are open for a little while on that day. Any other places to try Easter bread that hounds can point me to?

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  1. Sam's Italian Market in Willow Grove has it.

    1. Termini's has it as does DiBruno's and Potito's.

      1. Carbs what do you mean by Easter bread, I am familiar with Pascka, which is either russian or eastern european. What else are there?

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          If it is Italian Easter Bread, it is a sweet bread baked with eggs (still in the shell) in it.

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            Thanks for all the responses. The bread I saw at the deli yesterday had colored sprinkles on it and I don't think there were any eggs in the shell inside them but I could be wrong. Hmm I just remembered that a few years ago I scored an Easter bread braided like a wreath. It was beautiful and decorated with purple marshmallow peeps and yellow bunnies.
            The wreath was the hit of my extended family's Easter feast. The jaded teenagers too cool for their own Easter basket pounced on it, he he. People kept asking me if I made it myself but I had to admit that I got it at the now long gone Vidalia in Lansdale. I didn't mention that I got it half off right before closing on Easter eve.

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              They have it at Cramer's Bakery in Yardley. It's a big, braided wreath of a brioche like bread with 6 colored eggs in it. There is a light icing and some colored sprinkles, although they seem very open to customizing. My family was supposed to save it for tomorrow but of course about a third was devoured today.