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Asparagus Assistance Please

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Mom called and wants to make batter fried asparagus. Skinny asparagus is a bad idea. Thick asparagus brings fear that after a few minutes in the hot oil, it will still be way too crunchy. Blanching may not be a good idea as wet asparagus will not allow the batter to adhere. Since the veg dish is for Easter, she doesn't want to be hand drying each stalk.

Has anyone made this dish and can offer advice? She hates super crunchy asparagus.

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    1. A couple of days ahead: blanch. drain. dry on tea towel. Refrigerate between layers of paper towel.
      Day of: dredge with seasoned flour (in large plastic bag) and then in batter. Deep fry.
      Or, use shake and bake... and bake them.

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      1. Medium thick asparagus, peel the stems, dust with cornstarch, dunk in batter, fry. AKA tempura

        1. Double-fry.

          Fry/blanch in oil the asparagus without batter first.

          Then batter up, and fry again.

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            Won't work -- oil from the first fry will shed the batter

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              Tempura batter will overwhelm them. They are just too skinny.

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                I've made fritto misto with them and it's no problem.

            2. I haven't made these but just came across this recipe. Maybe baked would work.


              1. At the Asparagus Festival in Stockton, they fry asparagus by the truckload (not all at once, of course!), and it couldn't be simpler. They just dump a bunch into the batter, then dump them by the handful into the fryers. They use medium thick spears, maybe 1/2 to 5/8 of an inch thick. They always come out great…neither over- nor undercooked.

                1. Thanks everyone for the speedy reply - much appreciated.

                  1. Have done asparagus in dredge or seasoned flour, then egg, then bread crumbs before shallow frying... YUMMY! I do like thicker spears for this and blanch MAYBE a minute to slightly pre-cook. After blanching, I always make sure they're DRY before proceeding.

                    Same thing works for green beans. A nice bowl of real Hollandaise for dipping is heaven with either veggie.

                    1. "Blanching may not be a good idea as wet asparagus will not allow the batter to adhere."

                      Why would you even attempt to batter when they are still wet? As others have said here, make sure they are cooled and then dried. Proceed with battering and frying.