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Apr 16, 2014 05:56 PM

In search of a well stocked bottle shop - Cleveland


I'll be in Cleveland Friday-Monday and was hoping to find some beer/spirits that I can't get at home. What's the best stocked shop in the city?
I'll be staying in the Northfield area, but will have a car.


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  1. For beer I would recommend Warehouse Beverage on Mayfield Rd.

    1. Ohio is a pretty repressive state so don't hold your breath. You didn't say where your home is;for widely available local beer look to Great Lakes beer widely available in this area in bars and grocery stores.

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      1. re: gourmanda

        I'm from Nashville where we have access to plenty of great bourbon, ryes etc...
        Unfortunately, because of high taxes, beer distribution is not that great.

      2. For beers, check out the Lizardville store in Bedford. You can put together a six pack of beers and they offer a good variety including Ohio brews. I'd suggest trying something from Hoppin Frog, Thirsty Dog, Brew Kettle, Columbus Brewing, all very good Ohio breweries.

        I'd also recommend finding something made by Middle West Spirits distillery out of Columbus. Love their OYO vodkas. I believe the Giant Eagle grocery store on Rt. 82 in Northfield sells liquor including OYO.

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        1. re: sydney2

          Thanks for the recs. I'm after Fat Head's Hop JuJu and Head Hunter. I believe that's a local Cleveland brewery?

          We have OYO here in Nashville - I've yet to try it. I'm really after a great selection of Italian amari.

          1. re: pete k

            Yes, Fat Head's is local. You'll probably have an easier time finding Head Hunter than Hop Ju Ju. If you see Brew Kettle's El Lupulo Libre, snag some. It recently won the National Imperial IPA Competition, beating Hop Ju Ju, and it is quite delicious! Great Lakes Chillwave is also good.

            Can't help with amari, sorry.


            1. re: pete k

              you might also want to look for indigo imp brewery products and here is something about cleveland's new portside distillery you will be interested in:

              every beerfan will steer you to the wsm district and rightly so, but fyi also nearby is the harbor inn in the flats, which you might want to visit as it was the original craft beer bar in ohio (mucho bottles of questionable age, but awesome atmosphere).

              btw yes ohio is pretty much opposite of tenn re alcohol sales, that is, better for beer, but much worse for wine/spirits, so good you are mostly sticking with hunting down local beers.

          2. The Market District stores (high-end Giant Eagle) have great beer selections. The closest to Northfield would probably be the one in Solon. If you're heading south, West Point Market in Akron is worth checking out, as is the Acme grocery store on Route 18 and I-77, which just renovated and greatly expanded its beer selection with a huge local presence.

            Can't help you much with spirits. I was searching high and low for quality grappa a few years ago and ended up ordering online.

            1. Depends on where you are in the city all are good recos below.

              East side: Warehouse Beverage, Highland Hops and Vines, Lizardville (Bedford Heights), most Heienens, Giant Eagle Market District (Solon)

              West side: Rozi's, Simones, Ross Deli, Lizardville are all in Lakewood, there are more Heinens there as well, there is a small place in Lakewood call EZ Shop

              There are plenty more that I am sure I am not thinking of too and even more if you head south towards Akron. They will likely all have a similar variety. Lizardville is the only place I have seen and residual Hop Juju unless you go to the Fat Heads production facility in Middleburg Heights.