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Apr 16, 2014 05:38 PM

Sunrise Breakfast in Phoenix?

I have some time to kill and I will be downtown around sunrise. Any killer breakfast (preferably with a Mexican slant) places with a great view? Outdoor seating ideal.

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  1. Matt's Big Breakfast is very solid food but no outdoor seating.

    Carolina's is really good mexican downtown.

    1. Great views are found more often at the resorts northeast of Downtown. For a good breakfast Downtown, Matt's (mentioned above) is highly recommended. If you need something right in the Downtown core, the Breakfast Club at CityScape is also pretty good. If you're feeling really ambitious, though, you could pack a picnic breakfast and hike one of the trails in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve to a summit with a view.

      1. Carolina's is divey Mex good but closed on Sunday.
        Friends love Gallo Blanco but I have not been.
        Opens at 8:00am for weekend brunch.

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