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Apr 16, 2014 03:05 PM

Cheap Dining / Dinner Deals Around Town?

Hey all!

So here's a good topic that could use some help from everyone - Weekly dining deals around the Twin Cities... What do you know about? What have you found? What have you tried and thought, "Yeah, ummm, no." or maybe, "Wow! Now that's a deal!"?

I'm not necessarily talking about $45 dinner and wine deals, but probably the more pedestrian, daily eats, cheapie (or relatively so) kind of stuff...

Here are some examples:
> Kafe 421: Tuesdays - Cheap Date Night, $25 p/couple dinner and wine
> Jakeeno's Pizza: Mondays - All you can eat Spaghetti $6.99
> Bryant Lake Bowl: Mondays - Cheap Date Night: $28 per Couple Includes 2 Entrees, Bottle of Wine (or a Few Beers), and a Round of Bowling!
> Carbone's Pizza (Randolph Ave): $6 Spaghetti Dinner w/Meatballs, Salad, Garlic Loaf bread

You get the idea - $6 plates of pasta, $5 sandwiches, etc. I'd say around $30 for two or less...


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  1. Rinata - 4-course dinner for $20 on Sundays.

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      Al Vento $20 date night on Tuesdays. Same owners as Rinata.

    2. Red Stag cheap date night. Monday.

      1. +1 for Kafe 421's date night. The food is always way above what you'd expect for the price, and the date night deal is even cheaper!

        Another great "date night" choice: Chimborazo on Tuesdays.

        1. Not sure if they stil offer it, but the $4 weekday lunch at Royal Bangkok is a steal! Five well-sized "portions" of a good variety of Thai foods including curries, stirfried vegetables, pad thai, papaya salad, a VERY tasty stirfried pork belly, and some less-Thai stuff like eggrolls and fried chicken winglets (this IS Minnesota). Some menu items are there all the time; others rotate in and out. It's all tasty and good enough to make you want to go to the restaurant for the regular menu.

          Royal Bangkok is in the old Bangkok Thai Deli space -- 315 University in St. Paul. No affiliation beyond being a semi-regular.

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              That's as may be. I know they were strongly affected by light rail construction making it hard to get to the restaurant. And they may very well be using it as a loss leader to get people in the door for other meals (worked for me). It is a far better meal (taste, nutritionally) than many Asian buffets in town at rock-bottom prices.

          1. Buy 3, get 4 Bahn Mi at iPho by Saigon. I think this deal applies only to carryout.

            I tend to order grilled pork so the 4 sandwiches clock in at $3.50 x 3 = $10.50, I usually leave a $1.50 tip so the four sandwiches cost out at $12.00 (+ tax?). It's cheaper and far tastier than Subway.