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Apr 16, 2014 02:01 PM

Williamsburg dinner and saturday lunch/brunch

Hi! I'm vacationing in Brooklyn and I'm looking for restaurants for early dinner and/or Saturday lunch. We're staying mostly in Williamsburg but I would travel to somewhere else in Brooklyn for something outstanding.

Pretty much no budget because I'm only having 2 - 3 meals. Cuisines I'm generally not interested in are Italian and pizza restaurants (I'm gluten sensitive), seafood/oyster places ( I live in Seattle, great seafood and to a lesser extent sushi and Asian restaurants). I'm looking at brunch because the timing is good for me, but in general I need a brunch that has meat and vegetable options because of my gluten sensitivity.

I'm staying at the Wythe, but it seems like Reynard is good not great so I'll probably skip it.

Overall I'm looking for WOW food. Food that you would make a special trip for.

After doing some research here are the restaurants I've been considering, please comment and mention more!

st anselm
I'm pretty sure about hitting this one. Looks great, and I love this kind of cuisine. Dish/drink suggestions?

fette sau
I love love bbq and meat, but I've been to hill country several times and I'm nervous about being disappointed. It's nice it's open all day, I would love to eat at say 3 pm.

brooklyn star


piesnthighs - Is the chicken worth a special trip for?


five leaves


Outside of Williamsburgh:
pok pok


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