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Apr 16, 2014 01:29 PM

Considering Heritage Food & Drink In Waxhaw

I've read some good things - but it's kind of a haul from where I live, has anyone been? thoughts?

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    1. re: meatn3

      Somebody really needs to disable the single quote key on that menu writer's keyboard.

    2. Yes, I've seen their website, just wanting feedback from anyone who has actually eaten there.

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      1. re: cateringchick

        Figured you had!

        I gave the link since so many people look here for new places. These threads become a great resource for road trips. I didn't even know where Waxhaw was...

      2. I have been in but haven't had the pleasure to dine there yet. I have heard good things and from what I have seen on social media, his dishes look gorgeous. He only works with local farmers and he dabbles in molecular gastronomy (he's a Grant Achatz fan). I have good feelings. Please report back if you go!

        1. I thought the food was outstanding. Locally raised ingredients. Brief menu of seasonal items very well executed. The ambiance was simple and casual, perhaps the seating was a little cramped trying to get as many tables as possible into a small space.

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            1. re: GodfatherofLunch

              They've recently opened their patio too so that has expanded their capacity. I think it's a little lacking on ambiance and their is no bar but it is a much welcomed addition to Waxhaw for certain.

              What did you have, GFL?

              1. re: lynnlato

                Memory fails me, I just cant remember waht we we had. Must be getting old. We went in February to celebrate a special occaision. This much I do remember, Waxhaw is a haul for us but we enjoyed the meal so much that we agreeed we will be coming back. The patio sounds like a great addition. Need to get there soon.

                1. re: lynnlato

                  There must be a bar, because Helen Schwab mentioned it when she did a "First Bite" ?

                  1. re: cateringchick

                    You are correct, cateringchick. I didn't see it when I went in to purchase a GC. I just checked their FB page though, and it appears there is a tiny bar, tucked into a corner. That's a good thing. :)