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Apr 16, 2014 01:15 PM

Porcellino [San Francisco]

Incanto's reincarnation is now open. No reservations, order at the bar.

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  1. Sandwiches look reasonably priced, though I guess that depends on size. Wonder how the porchetta stacks up against Elmira's and others?

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    1. re: bigwheel042

      Porchetta was juicy and decadently fatty

      1. re: bigwheel042

        Agree with Barley, the porchetta is juicy and delicious, the portion size is very substantial -- I happily took some home. On Friday, they also had a tuna heart pasta listed as a special.

      2. Nice to see they kept the bay leaf panna cotta; that has long been one of my favorite desserts in the city.

        1. Went tonight. The porchetta was good, nice crisp skin, moist inside. The porchetta large plate is made for sharing with three slices and a acidic salad. I took one slice home.

          They also have very good shortbread style cookies.

          We also tried the Tuna conserva which was good for the pescatarian but I will the egg was more runny.

          The space looks much the same. The market space is pretty small with most still being the dining area. Everything was under $16 and there were options for vegetarians too.

          1. I tried the sausage, rapini and polenta as a takeout item tonight. It survived the 2 minute walk home well. The sausage was excellent, polenta creamy and rapini very garlicky.

            I'll be back soon to try the meatball sandwich.

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            1. re: absc

              Watching someone eating the meatball sando, I can hear the crunch of the grilled bread with each bite from 15' away. Looks like its served in a puddle of marinara that the customer is spooning on the edge. Smells great, threads of melted cheese, looks like more meatball than bread.

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                A trusted friend had the meatball sandwich yesterday and reports that "It was so GOOD! Get it soon!"

                Meanwhile, I was pleased with my take-out salumi plate.

                1. re: absc

                  The way I was obsessing over the meatball sando you wouldn't think I'd just finished my own lunch! Maybe I was observing your friend.

                  Here's Cosentino's Instagram of the meatball sandwich.

                  1. re: Melanie Wong

                    I finally tried the meatball grinder and give it a thumbs up. The properly melted cheese and sauce reminded me of childhood meatball grinders. For a to-go order they provided extra sauce in a separate container, which kept things from getting too soggy.
                    The child loved the soft serve ice cream. She opted for Valhrona pearls, always a favorite and strawberries, which were sliced and very juicy, per the menu "conserva."
                    Additional praise for the glasses of sparkling water served while we waited.

            2. I didn’t just stare at other customers yesterday. I ordered one of the daily specials, spaghettini & tuna heart, $16, and took a seat at one of the two large tables.

              Looking around the room (nearly 3/4s full at lunch hour), the most popular items seemed to be the pasta with ragu and the spaghettini carbonara, supplemented with salumi and giardiniera. It was sort of surprising that there weren’t more tuna heart orders, since it was one of Incanto’s signature dishes. In any case, it was really wonderful if a bit too dry towards the end. I was very glad that it still makes an appearance here.

              Chris Cosentino was very much in evidence running in and out of the kitchen, directing traffic at the host’s stand, and taking in the mail.

              More photos:

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              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Heh. Melanie, your "more photos" link brought up a page of...kittens! Here's a better link:


                1. re: ernie in berkeley

                  Thank you. The original link goes wonky from mobile, works fine on full web view.

                2. re: Melanie Wong

                  Is the tuna heart special something that's offered consistently? I'm going to be in SF next month (LA 'hound here) and am so sad to have missed the opportunity to try Incanto, but this dish sounds amazing. May try La Ciccia's too just to compare.

                  Does Porcellino offer other offal dishes as specials?

                  1. re: TheOffalo

                    No idea, and since its only been open for two weeks, the Porcellino folks probably don't know themselves either. You can follow on twitter and/or Instagram for occasional specials (e.g., sweetbreads) or just call the day you want to go.

                    1. re: TheOffalo

                      When we stopped by yesterday, there were (I think) 4 specials, including the tuna heart. Offal was on the list as well.