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Apr 16, 2014 01:05 PM

Corned beef hash recipe I can make in the UK

I'd like to make corned beef hash, but UK corned beef is not the same as US corned beef. Am I right that I can just use UK salt beef? I'm trying to recreate the old Mary Kitchen recipe. Any clues as to the spices? Thanks.

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  1. 1. Is this the "old Mary Kitchen" you're talking about?

    2. are you thinking of making hash with "real" corned beef or with tinned corned beef.

    If you're loking for something like #1, you'd get a closer approximation with tinned corned beef.

    With that said, I'm thinking tinned corned beef is the same world-wide (UK, USA, UAE, USSR, wherever), this stuff

    Simply cube some potatoes, cook (boil or microwave) until almost done. Meanwhile, warm tin of corned beef hash in pan, breaking up.
    Add the semi-cooked potatoes, maybe add some water to bring everything together, simmer until desired consistency (dog-food like) and voila.

    Making it from "real" corned beef not that much different, maybe add onions to pan before chopped beef, but the consistency'll be very different.

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      In the USA most of the tinned corned beef comes from Brazil or Argentina. Some Asian markets carry more expensive brands from Australia or New Zealand.

      USA restaurants that specialize in corned beef sandwiches (using thick stacks of freshly sliced brisket) might use that same beef (ends, scraps) to make a hash. Diced roast beef would work just as well for that style of hash.

      1. re: porker

        Thanks to both of you. I could probably also use fresh corned beef also (like the stuff in the tin, not like brisket or salt beef). Still wondering about the spices.

        1. re: DougWeller

          Hermel's ingredient list is surprisingly short:

          Ingredients: Beef, Rehydrated Potatoes, Water, Contains 2% or less of Salt, Sugar, Flavoring, Spice, Sodium Nitrite.

          Sodium level is up there - 990 mg per 236g serving.

          1. re: DougWeller

            The spices/herb mix that comes either loose in the liquid or in a packet with American uncooked corned beef seems mostly to consist of bay leaf and mustard seed. There is also a strong presence of garlic in the brine.

            I have made very good hash with chopped leftover corned beef brisket, parboiled cubed potatoes and sautéed chopped onion, with most of the (necessary) fat being the butter I sautéed the onion in before adding the beef and potato. I'm thinking my sodium level would be a good bit lower than Hormel's, as the potato was the only thing wanting salt.

            This is all from memory, as Mrs. O's giving up meat makes buying and cooking even a small corned beef rather silly, so I haven't for a couple of years. But I used to at least twice a year before.