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Apr 16, 2014 12:24 PM

Budapest - Borkonyha Wine Kitchen

This was the best meal we've ever had!!! I'd read here that it was great but didn't know that it recently garnered a Michelin star. And it's SO reasonably priced. We're on a liver quest here in Budapest so their fried one was #1 on our list. I swore after visiting Turkey and Israel that I'd never say "amazing" when it came to food but this was a***ing :) Described as "Crispy duck liver with apple in vanilla and beetroot sauce." ($17ish) It really was crisp on the outside and really melting on the inside. With that we shared the "Steamed veal masc with carrot variations and cracklings" ($10ish) which was veal cheeks and again just lovely. Then we shared the "Juniper Ox cheek with roasted pear and parsnip." ($17ish) This was definitely cooked sous vide and was the most tender cheeks we've ever had. Our server's English was quite good but I couldn't hear if the foie was confit (which I thought I heard) or sous vide. Either way, it was the most wonderful cheeks ever. Although we'd pretty much decided on a dessert, we got crazy and ordered another of the duck liver instead. I guess the chef then also got crazy cause it came out on a bed of really tiny, white corn kernels and little 'dots' of raspberry, pumpkin, beet and maybe something else. So with all of us being was CRAZY good!!!!! While waiting for that, they gave us a little scoop of (are you ready for this?)...gorgonzola ice cream! It's beyond my poor descriptive abilities but it tasted like gorgonzola, pudding-type, ice cream. Damn, I wish I could write better.

To sum it up, GO HERE. Make a res ahead of time although there were a couple of two-tops available but I'm guessing as their star-fame spreads, that won't happen very often.

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  1. Looks like we'll have to return to Budapest!

    1. That really does sound and look delicious. Good for you!

      1. So glad you enjoyed it! But it does sound like getting same day reservations, which is what we did last May, are a thing of the past.

        1. I'm glad you got your reservations, I wasnt able to.

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            Thanks to CH I found out about them several weeks before we arrived. Like Tickets Bar in Barcelona where we ate over a year ago, this is a place where I'd try to get the res and THEN plan the trip :) I'd also try a walk-in.

          2. We just came back from a weekend in Budapest, and Borkonyha was also a highlight of our meals there.

            (We had decided to try for a walk-in, but then found out, as we left for Heathrow, that they'd just got a Michelin star. So we rocked up on Friday afternoon and asked, ready for disappointment, for a table for Saturday lunch. And they fit us in! It was a near thing, I think- we saw them turn away lots of people as we ate.)

            It was so good. I had their special of asparagus soup for a starter, and I have to say this was, hands down, the best dish I ate the whole weekend. It was fragrant; it had perfectly cooked chunks of asparagus in it; crunch and texture provided by some crushed pistachios on top. Yummy.

            Himself was really impressed with the tarragon mousse we shared for pudding.

            The staff were lovely; five glasses of wine, two and a half courses each and we waddled out, full and tipsy, for less than 70 quid. Bargain. (Plus they gave us a couple glasses of complimentary palinka- not that we needed it at that point.)

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            1. re: Palladium

              We were all ready for that mousse when we opted for more liver :)

              I was just going through some papers and found their card. I'd not remembered that they're open for lunch. It's such a casual place I don't think lunch would lack anything that dinner has.