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Any soft shell sightings in Philly?

It's that time of year again... please post if you see them anywhere!

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  1. in this post http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/972549 they mention a special of soft shell crab at LeVirtue

    1. I saw them in the case at Ippolito's. No price on them, but they were pretty big.

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        You may wan to call before heading to Ippolito's. They were out of them on Saturday (but we had really good mackarel and red snapper so no biggie).

      2. Yes, I posted that. Le Virtu had a special softshell crab appetizer (very generous portion) that was light and simply a yummy introduction to the short season that are soft shell crabs. If they offer this definitely get it! But that's what makes them so special, right? Just once a year!

        1. Sbraga:


          With cranberry beans, chili de arbol, and salsa roja.

          1. Had one last night at Farm and Fisherman.

            1. If you're talking retail, try one of the Hill's locations. The one in Newtown Square is always stocked.

              1. not IN Philly but Dock's Oyster House and Knife and Fork in Atlantic City have them!

                (and I'm getting some this weekend!)
                I wait all year long for soft shells!

                1. Just saw this from Golden Pheasant Inn in Erwinna, PA (Bucks County near New Hope) "Come in and enjoy first of the season Soft Shell Crabs! Served with a side of Formisano Farms sautéed asparagus. This entrée is sure to please your spring pallet!"

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                    I could go for a pallet of soft shell crabs.

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                      LOL barryg. You know - I cut and pasted that directly from the Golden Pheasant FB page. I didn't think that word looked right, but failed to check the correct spelling of "palate". Have not been to the Golden Pheasant since they renovated. My daughter and her husband went there recently and were very pleased with the food and ambience.

                  2. While we’re on the subject… what’s your favorite preparation?

                    I like to keep it simple pan sautee’d with a little garlic maybe… I like a fried soft shell crab sandwich too!

                    I’ve had them stuffed, and fancied up and to be honest, it’s a let down

                    1. Whole Foods on 202 in Chadds Ford has them. Pretty small at $7per. But, being the only one in this house who eats them......

                      1. Top of the Hill Market, Chestnut Hill.

                        1. had them a few days ago at Fond. 1 1/2 medium size but excellent

                          1. $10 each for whales at Hills Seafood in Concordville.

                            One of our party had them tonight at Harry's Seafood at the Wilmington Riverfront. Two, definitely smaller than whale, can't remember the price. But he said they were prepared perfectly.