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Apr 16, 2014 09:38 AM

What Have You Liked at Le Zinc?

Hello, All:

This year, Wahine & I have picked Le Zinc for our Anniversary dinner.

I am curious of what other Hounds have had there, what they've liked or not.

Thanks in Advance,

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  1. I have only been for happy hour, and have only had the frites with bone marrow aioli (that aioli is so good; I want to eat it on EVERYTHING) and the Moules Marinière, and various cocktails. But all of the above were really delicious and satisfying, and the service has been good-to-great (I especially appreciate their bartender).

    I hope you enjoy, and Happy Anniversary!

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    1. Well, I wanted to report on a very satisfying Anniversary meal at Le Zinc.

      Tonight was the last night of Restaurant Week, so we took advantage of the 3-course RW special ($28pp) and the matching wine/cocktail course ($20pp). Wahine had, in order, the cheese plate, the coq au vin, and the olive oil cake with fruit compote. I had the wild mushroom soup with fiddleheads, the coq (Parris Broderic warned me off the Arctic Char), and the chocolate mousse.

      However, on Bax's recommendation, I also ordered the frites with roasted marrow aoli. Parris disappointed us with the news that the aoli was not available tonight, but then produced it after all.

      Everything was excellent, including the Champagne course, the Grenache, and the dessert cocktail.

      Out the door, full, happy and content, for $119 before tip.

      Beyond the excellent food, this space is very well thought out, comfortable and alive. I thought it struck a great balance between class and casual, haute and bistro. It's open but not stark, has comfortable seating, and (a pet peeve of mine elsewhere) sufficiently large and well-spaced 2-tops. Another BIG plus for me is that there are 10 spaces of paid parking in the building's garage.

      But it is the service at Le Zinc that is extraordinary. Parris is one of the best m'Ds in town, and he was simply wonderful as our waiter. Full of information (fleur de sel from San Juan Island?), never intrusive, yet very attentive. Part of this is that the dining area is sunken in relation to the kitchen and bar, and so tables' needs can be observed unobtrusively. But Parris is on the top of his game--from where I sat, it was high opera watching him anticipating courses, making recommendations, and quickly replacing flatware from a gorgeous antique chest of drawers. We budget-minded schlubs were even warmly and sincerely thanked by Chef Jason Witroe on our way out.

      This dinner stuck a deep chord with me that previous recent special-occasion dinners have not (e.g., Altura, Rover's, Boat Street, Branzino, Bastille, Rione XIII). I stepped out into the rain shaking my head thinking: "This is the way it's supposed to be." I don't get that feeling of wanting to go right back to a restaurant the next night, but I did tonight at Le Zinc.


      [Edit] The dessert cocktail--whatever it was--I want THAT again tonight.

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        Thanks for the write up Kaleo. The fact that they have 10 cheap spaces in their garage is a huge win. Eating in that neighborhood can be a real disaster if you need to park.
        I've been to Le Zinc once and would definitely return, I need to try that aoil.

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          Thanks for the tip! I really wanted to try them during cassoulet season but wasn't able to do so. And I considered them again but couldn't fit them into SRW this time around.

          One of these days...