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Apr 16, 2014 09:19 AM

Best Mexican restaurants in Tulsa? Authentic or Tex

I know that is a very wide question. I'm looking for that food spot that still heats your corn tortillas up with hot oil on the top of the stove before slathering on carne asada. Or nachos made with Mexican cheese with fresh garnish on the side like lemons and sauce.
I'm not looking for that restaurant you might find downtown that aims to get your attention with puffy words, you know those entrees, more plainly dressed up than the suits eating them. Not trying to be negative. I live in the South Tulsa area but I will drive a few miles to find my fix.

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  1. IMHO the best mexican restaurants in Tulsa are Rio Verde, Cancun and Hacienda. These are all pretty darn cheap. I think Rio Verde is the absolute best. They all seem pretty authentic to me and are more like respectable holes-in-the-wall. Not chains and not fancy decor.

    1. I think the most authentic Mexican in Tulsa is El Gallo Loco. A big glass counter behind which are dishes that scream authentic. Moles, carnitas and lots more. One employee speaks a little English, that's the only English you'll hear at that joint.

      For Tex-Mex, a whole different cuisine, try Ricardo's or Rancho Grande. There are guys who have gone to Rancho Grande every week for sixty years! And you can get dishes like the one in my photo. Nothing more need be said.