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Apr 16, 2014 08:50 AM

Best Fish and Chips, Monmouth County?

So who has a favorite for the best fish & chips in Monmouth County?

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  1. Brick House Tavern's version is serviceable. Will be interested in responses for better options. CH turned me on to Stewart's in Pt. Pleasant some time ago, but don't think they still exist.

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      Pretty funny, I was going to comment that I've seen them served there and they looked good, but I was too afraid of getting slammed for suggesting it so I kept my mouth shut. (or fingers as the case may be)

    2. Don't know if they are open for the year yet but I had some good fish and chips at The Inlet Cafe in Highlands

      1. McDonaghs Pub in Keyport has excellent fish and chips .... good cod and the chips are tangy .
        On Front Street at the traffic light in the middle of town and they have live Irish music some Sundays .

        1. The original comment has been removed