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Apr 16, 2014 08:29 AM

Restaurants in Shoreditch

We are flying in from LAX next month and staying at the Hoxton hotel for 2 nights. For our first evening I want something close by and thinking about The Clove Club (probably bar) or 100 Hoxton. There will be four of us and we all like the small plates concepts. Probably do Indian the next night and will be definitely stopping by Koya for udon noodles for lunch. Anybody eaten at 100 Hoxton? Looks interesting.

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  1. Not been to 100 Hoxton, but the Hawksmoor Bar just down from Shoreditch High St in Spitafields comes recommended. Unlike the restaurant proper upstairs it's based around smaller plates and a more dirty / junk food theme, albeit very highly elevated. Fab cocktails and a great atmosphere, although it does get rammed so try to book (I'm not sure of they take bookings you see) or avoid peak times.

    I's also suggest you have a look at Eyre Bros and The Tramshed in Shoreditch, the latter not being small plates as such, but does encourage sharing. Plus Duck & Waffle in the Heron Tower, not least for the fab design, view and versatile menu.

    Do go to Koya, it's ace, but be aware there's Koya proper now and the new noodle bar next door. Koya still does noodles, but the specials plates, which are often only offered in small sizes, are getting better and better. The restaurant is basically dividing itself into noodles one side so it can focus on more inventive cookery on the other. Whilst in Soho you could also do worse than check out Duck Soup, which does a brilliant small plate menu based around seasonal British produce. Small plates, small restaurant though, so try to avoid peak times again.

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      Thanks so much. Lots of great suggestions. I will check out Hawksmoor Bar. We also have a reservation at St. John's Bar and Wine, so I need to make some decisions. Interesting about Koya, we've only been to noodle bar part, the restaurant sounds interesting. Also love Barrafina so it's going to be a crazy 48 hours.

    2. Clove Club is fantastic. There's also Dishoom Shoreditch now which offers Indian nearby.

      St John Bread and Wine is also excellent and the relatively recent Merchant's Tavern just off commercial street was also very good on a recent visit.

      I often think of Koya's udon, such a great place.

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        Yes, we are going to Dishoom on Sunday night. Lookng forward to Koya and hopefully we can fit in Barrafina before we are off to Paris. I do have a reservation at St. John's bread and Wine for Saturday night, but 100 Hoxton looks more casual especially after 11 hour flight.

      2. What about 8 Hoxton Square (sibling of 10 Greek St)