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Apr 16, 2014 08:23 AM

South Shore lunch?

I live in Medford and am making plans to meet up with a friend who currently lives on the Cape (around Harwich). Any ideas on where we could meet for lunch or brunch halfway? I guess somewhere near Plymouth or Duxbury.

I've only lived in Boston for a couple of years, and always north of the city, so I don't know the south shore at all.

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  1. Any limits on price? Types of food?

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      Something casual / affordable - lunch entrees under $20. No pizza but could do almost anything else. I guess my preferences are for something "American" (salads, burgers, etc), or maybe something Mexican / other Latin American.

    2. Arhur and Pats in Marshfield is a really good lunch place. The have a large menu and also serve breakfast all day as well. On the weekends there can be a wait, but I've never had a problem during the week. For dessert, their coconut cake is the best! I always get a slice to go.

      1. the cask and Flaon has a new outpost in Marshfield on route 139. It is hugs, they do weekend brunch and lunch daily. The food was delish. I inquired about how tasty everything was and the bartender told me everything is fresh, no freezers. My dining companions family owned the building many years ago, so we got to talking and we took a quick tour, including the freezers for real!

        1. the 2 times we have eaten at the Blue Eyed Crab in Plymouth, we have been surprised and delighted. I think they are open for lunch. I did post about it, if you do a search.

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            I tried it, maybe after seeing your post, and wasn't a big fan, but as I said above, pickings are slim.

          2. The Fairview Inn and restaurant has always been a favorite in Marshfield. It is no where near the highway but worth the trip.