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Apr 16, 2014 06:44 AM

Quick lunch off 287 or 684?

Am driving from Boston to Washington and back, and we often bypass NYC by taking this route - any quick place to grab lunch in this area?

I grew up in northern NJ and miss a good deli!


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  1. If in Westchester on Route 287 driving towards the Tappan Zee Bridge, get off at exit 1, Tarrytown. Turn left onto Route 119, and then make a right just before you reach the Route 9 Shell gas station into Bridge Shopping Center (address: 350 South Broadway). Chose from Bagel Emporium, Capri Pizza & Pasta, Tarrytown Delicatessen (takeout only) or Young's Chinese & Sushi (takeout plus a couple of small tables).

    Or try Eldorado West diner (460 South Broadway) by turning left from Route 119 at Route 9 (South Broadway). It will come up quickly on the left.

    1. From 287, take the Saw Mill to 684. Stop in Pleasantville (multiple Saw Mill exits) at either Jean-Jacques, Seahorse Seafood Shack, or Pony Express.

      No, none are delis. But good quick lunches and I'm sure you'll find multiple things you'd like to eat.

      (btw, that route is most efficient, not just a way to go through Pleasantville)

      1. Try the Village Dog in Tarrytown for house-made artisanal hot dogs.